For essential travel

The UAE ministry has suspended all vehicle movement permits and applications, which were previously required for anyone travelling during National Disinfection Programme.

Now, if it’s essential for you to be on the road between 8pm and 6am you can do so permit-free. This covers anyone who has to go out for food, medicine or for health needs. It also applies to those who work for the vital sectors that include energy, communications, health, education, security, police, military, postal, shipping, pharmacies, water and food, civil aviation, airports, passports, financial and banking, government media, and the service sectors, which includes gas stations and construction projects.

Cancellation of the movement permit follows the ministry’s analysis of how well the public has committed to the #StayHome campaign, with the majority avoiding unnecessary trips that could harm the efforts to further prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Earlier this week it was announced that Al Ras, one of the oldest communities in Deira, will be on total lockdown for two weeks. The three main roads, Al Musalla, Baniyas Street and Al Khaleej, leading into the area have also been closed.


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