To celebrate Mother’s Day today, EW catches up with the mother and daughter duo, Lina and Tala Samman, who have taken their bond with each other and fashion to the next level.

Congratulations on your collaboration with Bionda Castana, tell us about it.

Lina: We were approached by my-wardrobe.com to design a shoe with Bionda Castana to be sold exclusively on the website. Obviously we jumped at the chance, being huge fans of my-wardrobe.com and Bionda Castana.

Tala: I love how each of their pieces is unique, and it’s not a brand that is incredibly overseen.

How did you design your shoe with Natalia and Jennifer, the creative forces behind Bionda Castana?

Lina: We looked at what Bionda Castana have been designing in the past seasons and their colour palette for their S/S13 collection. After a meeting in London we all agreed on the direction that the ‘Lina’ and ‘Tala’ shoes would go in.

Did you find it difficult to play the role of designer?

Tala: We know we’re not fashion designers, but we hope that we both have a great eye for fashion and style. Working with a great designer such as Natalia really helped – she is so easy to get on with and really knows her stuff.

What type of shoe do you normally opt for?

Lina: I look for something that’s elegant yet a little flirty.

Tala: I love comfortable shoes, whether they are high or low, and they need to be chic and original too.

Tala, do you take style advice from your mother?

Tala: Our styles are very different, but she is always my go-to for a second opinion. I get bored easily, so I’ll often delve into my mum’s wardrobe to steal something to add to my outfit. I’ve been doing that since I was little.

Lina: Similarly, Tala has a great collection of statement accessories, so occasionally I’ll borrow a piece.

Were you a fan of online shopping before your experience with my-wardrobe.com?

Lina: I used to buy online from time to time, but recently I’ve been doing a lot more. I’ve really started to enjoy it.

Tala: I’d say 98 per cent of my clothes are bought online!

As red carpet regulars, what are your top grooming tips?

Tala: I really enjoy working out. At the moment I’m addicted to Flywheel! I’m also known to indulge in facials and massages.

Lina: For me it’s all about selecting the right outfit, being genuine and enjoying the moment.

What do you think are each other’s best traits?

Lina: Tala is passionate, a hard worker and very committed.

Tala: I think my mother is an incredibly strong woman who knows exactly what she wants.

Finally, describe your relationship with each other.

Lina: Tala has been, and always will be, my best friend.

Tala: We are so different, yet so close!


The Lina and Tala shoes are now available on my-wardrobe.com while stocks last, priced Dhs2,925 and Dhs2,300.


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Photography by Vikram Gawade