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Full disclosure, certain members of team EW can’t save money. We’re not naming names, but let just say that when the salary lands into their bank account, most of it is gone in a week.

You would think that being older means being wiser, but many of us are still clueless about how to save money well. For some of us the 50/30/20 rule of when 20 percent of your income goes into saving, 50 percent on necessities and 30 percent on fun, just doesn’t add up.


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Life in a vibrant city like Dubai is exciting, but a busy social life, living in a modern apartment, having to drive or take a taxi to most places, as well as bills and grocery shopping can suddenly take a toll on your bank balance, even if you’re earning a generous salary. In 2020, we have decided to overhaul our finances and be a little bit more responsible, and here is how you can do the same.

The book

Kakeibo: The Japanese Art Of Saving Money is going straight to the top of our reading list. Pronounced ‘kah-keh-boh’, the journal is packed with spreadsheets to help you keep track of your spendings and savings, with a side of inspirational Japanese proverbs. Just think of it as Marie Kondo for your money. There are four simple steps to follow to improve your money management and it starts with looking at what money you have available once you take out all the necessities out such as rent, then you decide how much you want to save and set yourself a weekly limit. The third step is to keep a daily journal of what you’re spending and then at the end of each week and month you can reflect to see where you can improve. Trust us, you’d be shocked how much you spend on Deliveroo.



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Approach sales wisely

If you didn’t want to buy something at full price, why would you want it half price? Just because something is discounted, doesn’t mean that it is better value. If you’re online shopping, keep a wish list and wait for something you actually want to come on sale, and if you are browsing the discounted aisles, stick to timeless classics like tailoring, white shirts, denim and cashmere.

Minimise Apple Pay

It’s s easy to swipe and buy, but when you have to hand over physical cash you start to appreciate the cost of something a lot more. Carry cash on you for taxi’s and coffee’s and observe how it changes your daily habits.

Listen up

There are numerous podcasts to tune into for advice, most notably Deep, Down and Desi: All About The Money, Cash Chats and Financial Wellbeing.


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Signed up to memberships that you don’t use? Embrace the amazing weather and swap the gym for the great outdoors. There are also plenty of YouTube workouts and apps to follow if you need that extra boost of motivation.

So this is the kitchen

It’s so easy to go out in Dubai or enjoy a takeaway at home, but while some may argue that buying everything you need to make a meal will cost more than ordering, we suggest you try bulk cooking. Whether it means making a big batch of tomato sauce that you can use for soup, pizza and pasta, or cooking up a huge lasagna and then freezing it. You can also try planning meals for the week with a handful of ingredients by checking out websites like Deliciously Ella, The Body Coach, or Jamie Oliver.

Let us know how you get on!

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