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If Huda Kattan recommends a beauty product, we listen. Especially as we are only days away from her launching her own skincare line.


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The latest one that she can’t stop raving about is Institut Esthederm’s E.V.E Essential Vital Elements Serum. Described as miracle in a bottle, this super active serum helps the skin heal and according to Huda, it’s one of the three products responsible for the disappearance of her acne scars. Now she really has our attention.

The serum is designed to help your skin naturally regenerate itself, leaving it feeling smoother and firmer. Not only does it reduce the appearance of imperfections, but it also fills in wrinkles an fine lines. Huda uses it after double cleansing. With her dermaroller she applies a small amount of the E.V.E serum to the scar itself with her finger.


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The beauty mogul has been a lot more outspoken about her skincare routine in the last few weeks as she prepares to launch skincare brand on February 4. According to a brand new Instagram page, the name will also be revealed on the same day, and we are in for a surprise:

“Our makeup is heavy, made to cover up imperfections, photograph flawlessly, and last all day & night, it’s also heavy on the fragrances,” she writes. “Our skincare is soooo different, in fact, it’s not called Huda Beauty Skin (spoiler alert)! It’s kind of crazy, but when we decided to create a skincare line, we wanted to pull from everything I loved about skin, sooooo we partnered with the top labs in Korea & Japan & created the most GENTLE but EFFECTIVE skincare products that are so clean, so natural, and almost no scent (less than .2%).”


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Huda also shared her very first bare-face selfie on the page saying: “although I tried to make my skin look perfect with tons of makeup, it wasn’t something I felt proud of, and the pressure of being in my natural state felt like something that was so foreign to me.”

We can’t wait to see what this new era of Huda Beauty has in stall.

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