And everyone’s invited

When Alessandro Michele envisions a party, it is packed with dazzling personalities and is open to anyone and everyone.

gucci cruise 2020 campaign

The message of inclusivity and diversity is something that Gucci has been championing over the past few months, and it’s latest Cruise 2020 campaign is a wild celebration of everything that the brand stands for.

“Gucci’s party is permanent because it represents, first of all, a state of mind: everything is possible, there are no boundaries, everybody goes with everybody and what goes around comes around. The clothes offer endless possibilities to be whomever you want or to appear as you prefer, without any barriers or limits whatsoever,” explains the brand.

gucci cruise 2020 campaign

Entitled ComeAsYouAre_RSVP, the new series was shot by Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine and it’s a party that even the Great Gatsby would approve of. Decadent yet humorous, the guest lists includes Sienna Miller, Iggy Pop, and Gucci Mane.

Envisioned by Michele, the extravagant guests arrive at a villa in a limousine or helicopter. These characters – the ageless eager and wild rockstar, the glamorous socialite, the bourgeois lady, the tycoon, and the hip hop star – are captured in a bathtub and swimming pool. The journey is confusing yet magnetic, and we are desperate to be part of it.

gucci cruise 2020 campaign

The eclectic group represents different generations and backgrounds, once again coming back to the message that Gucci is not an exclusive club for the few – everyone is welcome to this creative space of misfits and artists.

Collection itself showcases influences from the seventies, with vintage logos, rich colours and maxi sunglasses taking centre stage. Our personal favourite is the white lace dress worn by Miller.

gucci cruise 2020 campaign

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