Summer shimmer is taking centre stage this summer 2024. It’s clear that sequins are having having a moment this year beyond festive season.

Celebrity love

With celebrities also embracing this micro-trend, various A-listers including Sofia Richie was also seen recently wearing a barely-there Rodarte disco-ball mini halter dress on her honeymoon. Sequins on the beach? And we’re completely obsessed. Unleash your inner Studio 54 groupie by shimmering in paillettes, rhinestones, and metallics—or take a note from the styling at Gucci and 16Arlington and pair your most eye-catching pieces with plain jeans, leather pants, or T-shirts.

Bold colours

With the sun beating down this season, sequins are all the rage, and there isn’t a better time to invest in the dazzling hero pieces than now. By making it an effortless way to elevate your look, sequined pieces in bold colours that deliver maximum glamour for big talk-of-the-night energy, and what more does one need to be the star of the summer party season? By going from desk to dinner, many of these stylist pieces can be effortlessly worn for any occasion, season after season, making a key comeback this year.

As quiet luxury has reigned supreme as a major fashion move, but as the market for understated aesthetics has quickly become oversaturated, designers are bouncing back through couture looks that represent a new era for the fashion industry steeped in melodrama, extravagance, and an unapologetic sense of confidence.

Not only reserved for Christmas, sequins can add an element of surprise to any look. Ahead, get inspiration for how to shine all year round.


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Images: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @leoniehanne