Michael Kors. #Instakors

American designer Michael Kors has announced the launch of #InstaKors, a shopping feature that will allow his fans and customers to buy products from the label directly off their Instagram feed.

This new method of online shopping was developed when native New Yorker, Michael Kors, who boasts over three million followers on the social networking site, noticed that many of his customers were engaging with the brand mostly via the company’s news feed and wanted to tailor an experience specifically for this new customer. Seemlessly integrated with the brand’s image posts, users must first register their email address and Instagram handle on the specially designed landing page. The tool then connects with Instagram to trigger an email every time registered users ‘like’ a shoppable post, indicated by the hashtag #InstaKors. The personalised email displays the liked image, along with direct links to the products featured so you can buy the exact item you virtually ‘liked’ with a simple click. Genius!

Michael Kors. #Instakors 3

Delighted by the new venture the 55-year-old designer, who’s eponymous beauty, fragrance and body care range launched in the Middle East earlier this year, revealed he was happy that his long-standing label was keeping up with the jet-set customer. “I’ve said it before, but we really do live in a selfie world,” said Michael Kors. “Everyone is on Instagram. It’s inspirational, aspirational, and now, with #InstaKors, it’s attainable. If fashion is a reflection of the world we live in, Instagram is the three-way mirror.”

Michael Kors. #Instakors

Launched just in time for the holidays the platform will allow fans to buy from the shoppable emails or forward them to family and friends as a virtual wish-list, which they in turn can purchase items from. Bad for your bank account but great news for your closet. We suggest you follow the famous fashion house @michaelkors asap.

Further proving his versatile mindset in the modern world, Michael recently launched other lifestyle platforms including #destinationkors, and The Michael Kors Guide To Entertaining