You’ll catch us wearing this to brunch.

Leave it to Michael Cinco to make a gown that might as well come from an actual fairytale.

The Dubai-based designer, who’s originally from the Philippines, has a knack for creating gowns with a certain sense of drama and occasion.

His latest creation? Well, it features a 20-foot cape and took over 3,000 hours to make.

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Here’s a short video showing it off from every angle:

How beautiful are those purple tones? Dreamy. We’re taking guesses on the number of crystals used in its embellishment.

The gown was created for a Swarovski exhibition, Cinco writes on Instagram. It’s embroidered with silk thread.

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In our ideal lives, this is the sort of thing we wear for social events. As it stands, we’re happy just looking.

It’s not the only time Cinco has worked with Swarovski crystals of late. Here are two more gowns from the designer:


Cinco is also well-known for his bridal work. This gown, made for an unnamed Dubai bride, makes stunning use of crystal detailing.

We’d say that’s a pretty definite way to feel special on your wedding day.

Hey, maybe Cinco should throw his hat in the ring for Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor’s rumoured nuptials…

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Images: Michael Cinco/Instagram