Starring Kendall Jenner and Alton Mason, Messika’s newest Move Link campaign takes inspiration from its classic designs but with a modern interpretation.

Valérie Messika takes the iconic Move Uno designs to new heights with the Move Link collection. This fresh set showcases an innovative off-center chain effect, pushing the boundaries of Maison Messika’s distinct design.

Valérie embraces the challenge of reinventing the classic Move design, resulting in a captivating fusion of chain jewellery. The familiar motif is transformed into an audacious expression, embracing the trend of chain-inspired pieces.

Through creative manipulation of scale and motif repetition, Move Link introduces striking and attention-grabbing jewellery. The collection features XL hoops for a confident look, chain bracelets that exude a rock vibe, and chain necklaces that embody strength and liberation. The versatility of Move Link allows for endless combinations, offering an irresistible style experience suitable for all ages and genders.

Kendall Jenner

This collection introduces a contemporary chain link that embodies both resilience and flexibility. The collection’s angular and clean silhouettes play with dimensions and material thickness, solidifying its iconic status within the Move collection.

The 2023 collection incorporates gold flat sections adorned with brilliant diamonds, resulting in a boundary-breaking style. The pieces seamlessly blend diverse styles, creating an androgynous fusion that challenges conventions.

Move Link is available in various styles such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, crafted in yellow, white, and pink gold. These unique pieces inspire a distinctive and offbeat attitude, catering to all generations and genders.

Alton Mason

With Move Link, Maison Messika introduces a bold and urban-pop moment that captures attention and sets a new standard in contemporary jewellery.

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Images: Supplied by Messika