Forget GoogleMaps, Italian astronaut Ignazio Magnani has given us something much more exciting – images of Dubai and Abu Dhabi taken from outer space.

The mesmerising images have been rapidly shared on social media after NASA astronaut Ignazio Magnani tweeted out some incredible photographs of the UAE.

Magnani shared the images taken by the International Space Station as it flew over the United Arab Emirates. Apparently the station was visible by the naked eye.

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Check out the magical images below:

The space station

Mesmerising Photos Of Dubai & Abu Dhabi From Outer Space

Ignazio Magnani claims the station was visible everywhere. Did you see it?

The astronaut shared images taken at daytime…

And nighttime…

Mesmerising Photos Of Dubai & Abu Dhabi From Outer Space


Dubai Through the Eyes Of Sheikh Hamdan

Amazing Before And After Pics Of Dubai

The space station is visible to the naked eye

Hovering over the UAE

Never before has the UAE looked to magical



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