Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of The Karmic Soul

Let’s once again pay attention to some big changes that are around us all as we are in the middle of not only a Mercury Retrograde cycle but also in the middle of an Eclipse series.

The Universe asks you to focus on your thoughts, feelings, and conversations around your future. The lunar Eclipse on 5 May forces you to let go of what is no longer useful around topics in your Scorpio house.

During Mercury Retrograde, the stars see intolerant, vengeful or secretive conversations with friends, groups, and companies. If you feel your current situation is not right, it’s not. It could signal a ‘no going back’ energy around what is said. You will soon be ready to move forward with things you have always wanted to do and, excitingly, with a better team around you. Have you already started talking about a different future? Being true to your spiritual self and your journey will be important.

Remember, mighty Pluto has moved into Aquarius, where he intends to stay until January 2044. However, this small but powerful misfit still needs to do something in Capricorn. On 12 June, he will saunter back to try to finish a chapter in your life that kept you inhibited, stuck, or plodding along. This is the time to tie up any loose ends relating to long-term commitments, especially if you don’t want a ball and chain around your ankle. Do it before Pluto stations back into Aquarius on 22 January 2024. If the risk-averse miss this opportunity, they will have one last chance in September 2023, waiting until November 2024 to taste freedom. Do you want to be ahead of the pack or fight for a position?


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Pluto insists you move into a new way of thinking, so he has given you a sneak peek of his abstract, compulsive influences that will affect you for the next 20 years. Pluto always represents the end of an era. The curtain is coming down on a significant part of your life over the next 18 months.

Obsessive and addictive Pluto ultimately pushes you into uncomfortable situations. Look at the house topics Pluto rules for you in your natal chart. Don’t forget to check Pluto’s natural ruling position in the chart, the 8th House of sex, death, other people’s money, addictions, secrets, tax, government, and your partner’s finances. They all point to deeply transformative and hidden messages that shape the quality of our life. What are the themes you will need to contend with? This is the time to prepare for the inevitable so that you can buffer any shock. Remember, life determines your character when things aren’t going well.

Pluto’s reforming and destroying urges shake up the status quo. It will be heartening to know that if anyone close to you passes, they will ‘return’ to lend a helping hand to guide you through any difficulties. Be assured that you will be very spiritually aware of their presence.

Although doubling down on the painfully slow-moving and highly regulated Pluto-Capricorn energy, the Pluto-Aquarius transit represents progress and independence, suggesting you may be more ‘in it alone’ than you imagine. We have prepared you with ample guidance for this reason.

Reflect upon the past six weeks. What events or thought processes changed that led you in a new direction? Since Mercury Retrograded on 21 April, you have been making serious decisions with respect to your future. Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces in mid-June, giving you extra time to toil for your dreams by giving you more time to consider the structure around what is still not clear.

It may seem an age away, but 2025 is when you feel you are finally moving forward, know the Capricorn lessons that haunted you are finished, and for the next 30 years, you will embark on the next significant cycle that defines your legacy.

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