Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

So, did you make it through Mercury Retrograde? Are you in one piece?

Mercury on June  3, 2022, has moved forward again through Taurus and will be back where it started, in Gemini by  June 14. Give him the weekend off so he can move out of his retrograde shadow. He needs time to hit his strides again, he’s mentally exhausted, as we all are. You will be pleased to know you have passed another celestial test.

Think back to the first three weeks of May, although your energy will be far from sluggish as Mars, the planet ruling your energy, is now in Aries giving you the impetus to do things. You are no longer indecisive. Forget any ambiguity for the next two years or so, you’re on a mission, or at least your spirit is. There’s no point in trying to outsmart the powers that be, but you’ll try I’m sure.

Are you still contemplating the choices you made in and around work and health? The stars want to say thank you for listening to your intuition. It was the right thing to do. I hear you saying “did I really make the right decision?” Stop. You’re overthinking things and second-guessing things you needn’t.


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What you want is coming your way, don’t stress. June is easing on the breaks, giving you time to regroup.

The Pisces, Aries and Taurus houses of our birth charts are particularly busy so pay attention to the topics they activate for you until mid-June or connect with your favourite astrologer for personal guidance.

Gemini season typically means we spend an innate amount of time contemplating or talking about everything going on in and around our lives. Hot topics will be our career, work, health or our love life – if it remains unfulfilled or confusing. Are you trying to sleep through the problem? Or are you writing about it? Perhaps dreaming of one-upmanship? Are you happy at work? Probably not. You’re daydreaming. Perhaps you’d rather not be there! The days are long.

Perhaps you’re not valued. You are really good at what you do but I’m sure you are simply being held back. It may be time to rewatch the Jane Fonda/Dolly Parton/Lily Tomlin film for inspiration. You’re also tired of know-it-all types. Work things out yourself, with the help of the internet if you can. Stay fluid and open and focused on what would you really love to do.

You’re more organised than usual and prepared for anything that comes your way. Are you working on something secretive? It has long-term implications. Your mother or someone who represents maternal energy will be the most understanding of what you’re about to spring upon the family by the end of the month.

With the full moon in Sagittarius on 14 June, it’s going to be action-packed. What’s going on? Get the popcorn ready.

Listen out between June 17 to 25 for surprise news. It’s ‘fly on the wall’, heart over head, life-changing or even a last-minute decision that is more thought-through than others think.

Venus, ruling love, romance and yes, money, will be switching things up by June 24 with the usual trickery Gemini loves to bring to the table.

The New Moon in Cancer at the end of June will be quiet and soulful. Book a spa treatment, organise dinner with mum, or simply order in and watch your favourite rom-com. You’ll be thankful on the New Moon night you did.

Quick glimpse ahead: August is looking a bit messy, as a lot will be demanded of you, (probably self-inflicted). Watch for unwavering family opinions. They want to call the cards on a long-term commitment you are ready to make (including any potential partners). Okay, so you may be able to blag your way through, but you’d be better to have a full-proof strategy; they’ll run out of steam soon enough. More on that closer to the time but you have the heads up now so you can navigate your way through with less stress by planning ahead.

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