Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

With Mercury moving out of retrograde and going direct the same day as almighty Jupiter – the planet of luck – on Monday 18 October, expect things to start to roll ahead again.

If you are waiting to sign a contract, there have been delays, even though another has been trying their best to move things forward. Pesky Mercury Retrograde has been to blame. It involves elements of beauty, balance and harmony and could be a dream come true. You will need to spend money but it is building your reputation or your sense of creativity in a very positive way!

You can now look to upgrade technology, electrical devices or machinery, particularly if it is critical to how you make money. You may not be happy with the terms and conditions. A company will be trying to tie you in for a longer period than you care for. It’s more important you understand what you’re investing in has long term benefits to your business.

Jupiter, excitingly, will move us forward with our aspirations. Do not delay when you get the green light or you may lose a great opportunity. Jupiter is guiding our ambitious search for a more meaningful life. Look back to March 2021 for clues May/June past to projects that went onto the back-burner. It’s time to reactivate things.

You may be pulled in different directions, it relates to money and how you think you are perceived – power and control issues are at play. Let the numbers do the talking.

With Mars and Jupiter about to make a lovely trine aspect, business partnerships are stronger than you think if led by someone with progressive ideals and a lot of experience. Missing information will also come to light around this time.

With Jupiter now separating and in a forward motion from Saturn in Aquarius, he is firmly focused on moving into Pisces in December. If things have taken a long time to change, you can now expect some mental relief as he leaves behind the struggles of the past 12 months.

To finish the week we have a full moon in Aries lighting up our sky on October 20/21. Aries is ruled by Mars so expect both positive and negative themes as this moon is known for bringing emotions close to the surface. Mars, unfortunately, causes you to express your frustration in a not so elegant way. Think of it as an ‘all about me’ mentality.

On the positive side expect to be extremely productive for the following couple of days as some of you will be more detached and focused squarely on tying up loose ends.

Quick decisions can be made now with confidence, it probably even feels like the start of a brand new year!

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