The royal mother-daughter duo are inspired by the way colour can affect our moods.

Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah started high-end skincare line Prismologie with her mum, Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah, in 2015 after taking a course on colour therapy at home in Kuwait. Sure, they’re royals, but they’re also beauty fiends who created the products they wanted to use. For the sheikhas, it’s all about colour and scent.

“People react to colours naturally and intuitively without having to think twice,” Sheikha Fatima says. “We interact with colours daily, whether through the clothes we wear, or the views we enjoy, or the food we eat… why not use that power actively to change the way you feel?”

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The brand consists of six lines, with each reflecting a particular vibe: white for clarity with diamond and neroli, yellow for confidence with citrine and bergamot, pink for comfort with rose quartz and rose, green for serenity with jade and vetiver, red for vigour with ruby and cedarwood, and indigo for stillness with sapphire and oud. For both the sheikhas, picking a favourite product is a struggle.


“We find ourselves reaching for the green bath oil when we feel the need for some balance and centre in our lives, but when we’re feeling a bit sluggish we opt for red to give us that extra push of power and energy,” Sheikha Fatima says.

While for many of us, the idea of working with a close family member doesn’t exactly appeal (we love our parents, but we’re not sure we could work with them), Sheikha Fatima says she and her mother’s shared pragmatism makes it easy.

“We have the same standards and we are almost always on the same wavelength,” she says. “It’s extremely exciting to see the shock of our team members faces when they ask us the same question separately and we answer in the exact same way.”


Coming up with the scents for the brand was the sheikhas’ highlight so far (we’re particular fans of the rose quartz and rose body balm, Dhs343.75), so it makes sense that they’re most excited to launch new products next year. It’s been a long process – each new line takes about 18 months to develop – but Sheikha Fatima says they have a lot in the pipeline.

“We have unusual products lined up for 2018 and it will be an exciting year for us,” she says.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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