Forget the Lion King, there’s a new Saudi lion queen in town.

Saudi woman Rosana Al Deeni has become a social media sensation after releasing photos and videos showing how she tames and raises lions and leopards. *Please note the main image is a model.

Speaking to Saudi daily Okaz, Al Deeni who is in her 20s mentioned how she became interested in raising lions and other wild animals after she was influenced by wildlife documentaries.

Despite being criticised by those close to her for choosing to raise wild cats, Al Deeni persisted.

saudi lion

“Many of my acquaintances were totally opposed to the idea. However, after they watched my experience of living daily with lions on my SnapChat account, most of them changed their minds and they started telling positive things.

“They were convinced that a wild animal could change and be loyal to its owner.”

Check out some of Al Deeni’s clips with her lions here:

Al Deeni went on to mention how although she understands that the animals’ brains functioned differently from our own, they still have hearts and feelings.

“The costs for raising a wild animal can be high, but they most depend on the kind of food and care provided to them,” she told Okaz.

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Owning large cats in the Gulf is allegedly seen as a symbol of status – although highly illegal in most places.

Al Deeni made sure to draw a line between those who tame big cats, and those who raise them, saying: “Tamers want to teach the animals how to behave or how to react and they are often harsh with them, alternating between deprivation for long hours and gratification.

“Those who raise animals do not have to use these techniques and there are therefore no attacks.”

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Main image: Getty