Kristina Bazan is anything but your typical 22 year old. The Switzerland-born fashion blogger co-founded her website at just 17 with her then friend and now business partner James Chardon.

When the two decided to take their online project a little more seriously and forgo university, they had the daunting task of convincing their skeptical parents that it could become a lucrative endeavour. And all that with no initial investment, no brand sponsorship or consistent customer base and – Kristina isn’t ashamed to admit – not a whole lot of knowledge about the industry they were about to enter: “When Vogue flew me to Tokyo for Fashion Night Out I had no idea who Michael Kors was. I’d only heard of Anna Wintour twice!” she laughs. “I’m really happy I came into the industry with such a naive view and grew to learn everything.”

Kristina Bazan on shoot with Emirates Woman

Just five years later, Kristina has amassed 2.3 million Instagram followers, is rumoured to earn seven figures a year as ambassador for L’Oreal and, having irrefutably conquered the blogging world, has started to expand into other creative fields.

kristina bazan

On set our shoot for the Emirates Woman April issue

Kristina on labels (and we don’t mean designer ones):

“I don’t really like labelling myself. I just know I’m a very creative person and I have a lot to share. I want to express myself on different platforms, whether it’s text, photography or music. I just want to create.”

Kristina on staying grounded:
“I have a lot of empathy and I manage to put myself in a lot of different positions. I write articles from my point of view, but I always have in mind what my readers are going to feel when they read it. And I try not to take myself too seriously.”

With EW Style Director Jade Sprowson

Kristina with Style Director Jade Sprowson

Kristina on starting from the bottom:

“When I was growing up I couldn’t afford a designer bag or anything like that, and I’d never showcase expensive clothing on my blog… I didn’t come from money and I’m an example of how you can start with nothing and achieve something pretty cool. It gives hope to a lot of girls.” 


Look by Polo Ralph Lauren

Kristina on branching into music:

“I play keys and compose all my own songs. But people already know me for something else so I have to be very careful about the way I release my music.”


Kristina on the blogging bubble:

“I don’t want to be just confined to this blogging bubble – I want to make things happen outside it and not just be a virtual personality… One major thing is that I’m becoming an official spokesperson for L’Oreal. It’s an incredible step for me because there aren’t that many digital It-girls that are able to transition to the actual print world.”


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kristina Bazan

•  She’ll patiently take a lot of pictures before she gets the ‘right one’.

• She didn’t initially plan to be a blogger but she always knew she would create something –she’s already published a book and is starting her music career.

• She puts on black wigs when she has the urge to dye her hair darker.

• She’s obsessed with coconut oil and carries it with her everywhere to use as make-up remover, a hair mask and a face and body moisturiser.

• She used to buy a bottle of perfume on every holiday so she could keep a scent to remind her of the trip.



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