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Benoît Verdier, Co-Founder of EX NIHILO shares the superlative scents to gift this season from the Parisian fragrance house’s collection.

What are your favourite top notes of a fragrance?

It’s difficult to say! You know despite you have some favourite materials in your heart, the beauty of our universe is to discover day by day endless olfactory options. For top notes, I would say Orange Blossom for its sparkling and energizing facets, but I have nothing against replacing the Hesperides by some beautiful spices like White Pepper. It’s what we’ve done with Yann Vasnier for Citizen X and the mix between White Pepper and Iris Pallida from Italy works amazingly well!

Do you have a go-to daily scent for the collection and does this differ for after house?

To be honest I don’t wear fragrances on a daily basis when we are creating new scents to keep my brain fresh. Nevertheless, I’m still obsessed with Citizen X and French Affair I can wear them anytime in large quantities! To go celebrate or for a special occasion I would choose a creation like Venenum Kiss as it is inspired by the smell of Dubai streets by night or maybe go for a personalization made with our Osmologue, our exclusive technological device that allows you to make your fragrance unique and memorable!

Tell us about your latest launches.

Its name is Gold Immortals, it has been created by our friend and Master perfumer Jordi Fernandez. In these difficult times, we wanted to create a mesmerizing scent to give people joy and wonder without any restrictions. Its unique blend of Pear, Lys Ylang and Amber is an ode to Immortality. Its combination of ingredients makes it very self-indulgent and unique, and I can say its sillage on your skin will be immortal as well.

Which fragrance from your collection do you recommend as the ideal gift to suit everyone?

It’s always difficult to propose a fragrance for anyone as we are worshipping extreme individuality and exclusivity but for a gift, I would directly go to Fleur Narcotique because it’s our most iconic scent, with its addictive overdose of Peony. Otherwise, I would offer a private consultation for a custom fragrance so the person could choose what she prefers living a memorable olfactory experience.

Tell us about your personalization process?

Our ritual is really an immersive experience into the core of fragrance creation. Through our exclusive technology, we mix a futuristic ritual with the best of French craftsmanship for a unique result, I would say it’s a Techno Craft approach. You can walk-in or do it on private appointment (what I would recommend) They around a drink we will deeply understand what customer is looking for, through a little oral questionnaire.

It will be the occasion to smell absolute of fragrances like Rose of May, Iris Pallida, Orange Blossom in their purest form, and also to experience all our combinations according to your mood. All these combinations have been validated by our team of master perfumers here in Paris.

Once your choice is done we will proceed to the making of your juice with the Osmologue, the High Tech robot we have specifically developed. It will have weight, blend and create your own composition only in a few minutes in front of you. So you will be able to leave with your own scent without waiting weeks to get the result. We will also give you a nominative certificate of authenticity and keep all your preferences into our database so we can provide the very best level of customer service. At the very end if you can’t travel to one of our Top Tier stores we propose also a layering experience around our SUBLIMES ESSENCES scented oils, a range of five perfumed oils you can combine with your favourite fragrance to make your own mix. It’s our conception of Do It Yourself luxury!

This is ‘The Party Issue’ – how will you be celebrating this year?

I don’t know yet but will for sure avoid theses depressing Zoom home parties. If we have to stay confined in Paris we will do it in style, maybe in small but great company, properly (over)dressed and fun!

December’s – ‘The Party Issue’ – Download Now

The Gift Guide – Download Now 

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