Through the means of face ID, we no longer have to even lift a finger to unlock our phones, but we’re guessing the geniuses behind this technology didn’t envisage a pandemic on the horizon.

While of course we know wearing masks is for all of our upmost safety, it really is putting a dampener on the convenience of face ID when you’re out and about as it can’t recognise one half of your face. Having to actually put your passcode in, what is that about?!

Well, luckily there may be a solution to this from a development made by other technological geniuses.

Amazfit, a branch of a Chinese technology company called Huami, has seemingly developed a mask that will allow you to be able to use face ID. And it’s also super protective.


Amazfit mask

The face mask is reportedly made out of anti-fog material which will ensure it disinfects itself after every use, using ultraviolet light. All you need to do is plug it in to a USB for a few minutes.

While there are prototypes being produced, it could be an estimated six months to a year until the affordable masks are up for sale.

In the meantime, guess we’ll just be sticking to punching in our passcodes…

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Images: Amazfit, Feature Image: Instagram