IN PARTNERSHIP: When it comes to paving the way for women in various fields, Mashreq is taking the lead by championing such women.

This Emirati Women’s Day on August 28, 2023, Mashreq championed four inspiring Emirati women who are playing a key role in the success of the country in their respective careers.

By taking the lead in their professions across various industries, these Emirati women rising every day and proving that there’s no feat that they cannot achieve.

To delve further into their overall career, we take a look at their remarkable contributions to society.

Nouf Omar

Nouf Omar

As the youngest female pilot in the UAE, Nouf Omar was determined to follow the footsteps of her uncle who pursued his flying career. By challenging the status quo for women her age, she succeeded in this male-dominated field by overcoming all the obstacles her way, Beyond her profession, Omar is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and an athlete. With hopes to reaching new horizons and touching the sky, she is paving the way for future generations through her sheer determination.

Azeizah Ahmed Alhassani

By challenging the conventional norms, Alhassani is the first Emirati petroleum engineer working in the fields of Unconventionals, who empowers the youth through her work. Overall, she has made a name for herself and entered unchartered territory through her professional determination. Besides her career, she is also a rowing champion at Abu Dhabi Sailing Club and a make-up artist as well.

Dr Maryam Matar

Dr Maryam Matar

By focusing on a healthier future for the people, Dr. Maryam Matar is an Emirati physician-geneticist and founder of 5NGO. Despite the challenges face during her formative years, she dedicated her career to medicine worked persistently to spread the importance of screening and preventive care. With a commitment to work towards women empowerment and a healthier UAE, Dr. Matar is truly a medical leader in her field after following her grandmother’s footsteps.

Captain Sahar Rasti

Captain Sahar Al Rasti

As the UAE’s first female captain, Rasti mustered the courage to face her fears and overcame all the challenges to pursue her dreams. With immense determination, she learned how to swim and dive and made history by being the first in her field to achieve this dream. By expanding horizons and navigating through unchartered waters, she has made it her aim to protect the ocean, reduce waste and work towards a more sustainable future in the maritime field.

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