A new age of diversity

It is a peak time for the Marvel Universe, as Avengers: Endgame became the highest grossing movie of all time. With that, the cinematic universe is introducing a new phase, while the comics are reigning in a new age. Back in March, a Filipino super-heroine called Wave was announced, making her comic debut on May 8. Now, Marvel will be introducing another female superhero from the Philippines.

Greg Pak, one of the creators behind Wave revealed on Twitter that he will be introducing the new Pinay superhero with award-winning writer Alyssa Wong and artist Pop Mhan. He tweeted: “Hot tip comics collectors: @crashwong, @popmhan and I are introducing ANOTHER brand new Filipina superhero in AERO #3. And she is awesome. Do not miss this — preorder the book today with your local comic book shop!”


Not much is shared, but we know that the character will be introduced in the third issue of Aero. Aero is a Chinese hero based in Shanghai, and was featured in Wave’s comic War of the Realms: New Agent of Atlas #1, as the two heroines went on to investigate the disturbances in the water.

Alyssa Wong, who is working with Greg on developing the new Marvel hero is half-Filipino and has been recently tasked by Marvel Comics to write the backstory for Wave. She is mainly a science-fiction writer who has won an Nebula Award, a World Fantasy Award, and a Locus Award for her works.
Wave was not the first Filipino character in the Marvel universe, but she is the first new release in more than 10 years. She came after the The Triumph Division, who were a group consisting of Philippines’ finest superheroes. Nevertheless, we love that the iconic comic universe is diversifying its characters.

The new character is set to make her debut in September.

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