It may be November but fashion brand Marks & Spencer is proving it’s ready for the festive season with its star-studded cast in its Christmas advert for 2013. Vibrant colour, mystical music and magical drama, it’s has to be the brand’s best to date. Watch it here first… 

As well as starring the brand’s leading models, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and David Gandy, Marks & Spencer also roped in British acting idol Helena Bonham-Carter to make a special appearance – she is the only star in the advert that actually speaks.

For the first time in Marks & Spencer’s history, it will be using social media channels to promote its stylish advert, which is inspired by fairy tales and iconic adventure movies.

From Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard Of OZ to Little Red Riding Hood and Aladdin, the advert plays reference to various childhood fantasy memories. While Alice had her rabbit and Dorothy had her Toto, Rosie’s furry companion is a gorgeous white Scottish Terrier.

The film starts with Rosie chasing after her little dog across an empty UK street, before tumbling into a manhole and arriving in a snow-dusted forest and landing at the Mad Hatter tea party from where her adventure ensues.

The genius advert, which is said to have had a multimillion dirham budget, sees Rosie and David, as well as the background models, changing outfits in each scene, perfectly showcasing Marks & Spencer’s new collections from winter warmers to party outfits, glam underwear and dazzling accessories.

It certainly seems like Marks & Spencer’s creative team will be reaping the benefits from the expensive but cleverly executed video, which is sure be to a major viral hit.

As well as the exciting festive advert, Marks & Spencer’s has also posted behind-the-scene videos and interviews with it’s three main stars.

The making of the advert

An interview with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

An interview with David Gandy

An interview with Helena Bonham-Carter

One thing’s for sure, after watching that advert we can’t wait for the festive season and the shopping that it brings…