Meet the Wellness Expert: Marisa Peer – world-renowned therapist and best-selling author of Tell Yourself A Better Lie.

Ahead of her, I Am Enough is set to take place on February 23, 2023. Additionally, the wellness workshop and transformational talk at Mindvalley Live  will take place on February 25, 2023.

To know more about this transformational concept, Peer shares all you need to know about RTT.

Tell us more about your award-winning therapeutic approach RTT.

I started my therapy career after studying hypnosis with Gil Boyne at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles. He was a huge leader in the field, and his work had such a profound influence on me that I wanted to build on it, dig deeper and formulate a new therapy to give people the tools for change so they could transform their lives with more ease and speed. Thus, I started to develop my own technique incorporating the best aspects of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, neuroplasticity and neuroscience, and added in all the insight I had gathered from thousands of client sessions to develop Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). The reason RTT is so effective is that instead of just looking at the surface “symptoms”, it gets to the root cause of the problems holding people back – giving them the power to rapidly change and transform their lives. I quickly saw the transformative effect RTT was having on all my clients, and given the alarmingly spiraling rates of people struggling with mental health issues, I wanted to make it more widely accessible – which is why I set up the RTT® Training School.

What does RTT look like in practice?

RTT harnesses the most powerful potential on the planet – the mind – and helps people get to the root cause of why they are experiencing problems in their lives. My approach works by speaking directly to the subconscious mind – to help people understand where negative beliefs, values, habits, and blocks originate from – and provide a new perspective so they can overcome and reframe any issue. Often these poor habits of thought and action have been carried with them since childhood and are so deeply buried in their subconscious that they are generally unaware of how much they are still affecting them. Guiding people to the understanding of where the problem came from and convincing the mind to powerfully change is the key to helping them to let go and live with freedom and empowerment – released from the heavy emotional burdens they had been carrying. We then give the client a personally recorded transformational audio to wire and code in new, more constructive habits of thought so they can move forward in their lives. It really is a form of neuroplasticity – the mind learns by repetition and, over time, changes neural pathways, which is why it gets great long-term results, helping people to unleash their full potential and live their very best life.

RTT has helped transform and guide many people’s lives globally – how does this feel?

It feels absolutely amazing on a number of different levels – but helping people on their journey to happiness and living a life without limits has always been at the heart of my mission. The reward of seeing your client move past something which has been holding them back for years – watching that emotional release in a session and seeing the physical change in their lives afterward is immensely humbling. It is also a huge honor to meet and train the thousands of students who come through our RTT School – watching them grow and thrive – personally and in business. It is such a rewarding career, and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of my tribe who is going out into the world as phenomenal therapists – changing their lives and the lives of so many others. Of course, it has also been an absolute dream for me personally, as I’ve had the privilege of working with international superstars, CEOs, royalty, and Olympic athletes. I have been invited to speak on global stages, and appear as an expert therapist on television shows and networks worldwide – I am very grateful for this! My greatest joy and honor is seeing RTT in over 1,600 schools and hearing from the teachers the difference it is making to children both academically and emotionally.

In the past few years, there has been a major mind shift in wellness with therapy slowly becoming normalized. What is your view on this?

I think there has been a huge mindset shift when it comes to wellness and therapy over the last few years as discussions and debates around mental health and well-being have been brought to the forefront through social media, reality TV, and big media campaigns. There has also been a surge in celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Britney Spears openly sharing their struggles with mental health – showing that it really can affect anyone regardless of fame, status, or the perception of a perfect life. This has been great for the cause as it has helped break the silence and remove some of the stigma surrounding speaking up about mental health issues and seeking support when struggling to cope. We still have a long way to go of course – and social media is both a blessing and curse in this respect – but we need to keep pushing out the message that it’s okay to not be okay, encourage openness, sharing stories, and normalising our problems; while giving people the knowledge and tools they need to help themselves and others, and ensuring awareness and access to the help and support they need at times of crisis. It’s also important that people know therapy does not have to be long or painful, it can be fast and incredibly effective.

How important is Dubai for you and your practice and what are you hoping to achieve from the tour?

We have such an amazing community of RTT graduates out in Dubai who are doing a fantastic job of working with clients, getting phenomenal results, and proving the power of RTT by sharing their stories with key decision-makers and influencers in the health system and well-being community. We really want to continue raising awareness of just how transformational RTT is in Dubai and across the world, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak at the prestigious World Government Summit, where I delivered a session earlier this week to an audience of thought leaders, global experts, and decision-makers from around the world; and later this month will join an outstanding line up of speakers in the self-development world at Mindvalley Live in Dubai. I am also so excited to be hosting four events at Seva Experience, including a one-day workshop focused on my revolutionary new weight management program Dietless Life and an I Am Enough event to help people harness the power of the mind and live their best lives.  But what I am most looking forward to is the open night with my wonderful RTT tribe – where we will all come together, network, and celebrate our successes together – because we really are one big RTT family – in Dubai – and around the world!

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