One of the most popular piercings right now.

Almost all the editors and influencers in Dubai have made a trip to the recently opened Maria Tash boutique in the Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue.

The modern space with a number of private piercing rooms – including a VIP suite – are as chic as they are sterile taking piercings to a whole new level of luxury.

Maria Tash Dubai Mall

The daith – a piercing through the inner cartilage of the ear – has proven to be a daring yet popular choice among the Dubai dwellers, so we asked the founder and jeweller Maria Tash to share with us everything that you might want to know before booking.

She Has One Too.


The daith is one of the most beautiful ear piercings. I have had mine for over 20 years and it still is one of my favorite piercings.

It’s Not as Scary as it Looks

It is easy to heal, as it is tucked inside the inner ear and is not subject to any torque or movement by sleeping or moving around. The lack of motion means a daith piercing is an easier heal compared to other ear cartilage piercing styles.

Maria Tash Dubai Mall

Myth Buster

A daith piercing does not cure migraines, as some people have postulated based in internet lore.

Aftercare Tip

It does not interact very much with earbuds but when healing the piercing I would avoid them or wipe the earbuds down with alcohol before putting in your ear for cleanliness.


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Bespoke Earrings

Stones are mounted in a different direction in my jewellery designs for this piercing compared to rings for other parts of the ear.  Since a well placed daith piercing ring lies in a very different, horizontal angle than that in a lobe or helix piercing, I design jewellery in a very special and deliberately different way.


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We’ll see you at Maria Tash, Dubai Mall!

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