They’ve been best friends since they met 24 years ago, and she has been the face or inspiration for his many campaigns since their first collaboration in 2001. When it comes to A-list pairings it doesn’t get more sweet or exciting as Marc Jacobs and Sofia Coppola. So, it was with great elation that Emirates Woman witnessed first hand their most recent collaboration for the launch of Marc’s latest scent Daisy Dream.

The designer and film director showcased the new scent and revealed the promotional campaign video, at an exclusive press conference in New York’s Dia Arts Centre. With cloud murals sweeping across the walls and a giant MJ sign made, of course, from daisies, we were given an insight into Marc’s inspiration behind the fresh, youthful and feminine scent. 

Daisy Dream, which boasts three keynotes of blue wisteria, jasmine and blackberries, is the latest incarnation of the original Daisy perfume launched in 2007. Contrary to rumours, Marc insisted the name of the scent is not inspired by his cute pooch but rather the moniker is an homage to one of his favourite screen characters, Daisy Buchanan.

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As well as turning to his reliable friend Sofia, who directed the dreamy TV commercial for Daisy Dream, Marc also turned to German fashion photographer Juergen Teller to shoot the advert. Juergen has shot virtually all of Marc’s shoots, except the infamous spring 2014 campaign starring Miley Cyrus, which he refused to be part of. “He just didn’t want to shoot her,” said Marc.

“We shot it all in Bavaria,” explained Sofia of her and Juergen’s work, “it’s closer for Juergen, but I think the results are beautiful.”

Interestingly Juergen is the photographer who shot Sofia back in 2002 when she was handpicked by Marc to be the face of the house fragrance. “Young and sweet and innocent and beautiful. The epitome of this girl I fantasize of,” said Marc, at the time, about his trustworthy muse, Sofia.


Huddled together on a white sofa – him with his signature Stan Smith trainers and suit, her in her ballet pumps, Capri pants and a loose jumper – their unique chemistry and ease with each other was unquestionable. Their relationship is the real deal as such it was no surprise when asked about their ideal dinner date they named each other – that said, pushed further, she cited Bill Murray while he opted for Jessica Lange.

In the new video for Daisy Dream, Sofia evokes a dreamy state with a woman who portrays a beautiful innocence yet obvious power.  “She has a similar presence as Kristen [Dunst] in Virgin Suicides,” explained Sofia. 

Daisy Dream, or as Marc likes to call it on social media #MJDaisyDream, is available in the Middle East mid-autumn.

Here, Marc (MJ) and Sofia (SC) talk about their own dreams, aspirations and superhero powers:
What’s your earliest scent memory?
SC: I think it would be when I was 14 or 15. I remember my mum having all these sample perfumes and I remember it was something very important to have. I still remember the bottles.
MJ: My grandmother always wore Joy and my mother wore Red and Bandit. I remember thinking it was such a cool name for a fragrance.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
MJ: The power to be invisible. It would-be nice to have anonymity sometimes and have the freedom to see what people really are and what they want. It might be useful somehow.  Sometimes I’d like X-ray vision.

Where’s your favourite place to daydream?
SC: Anywhere when I have a moment. I always like to daydream when I’m driving and listening to music. In New York you almost have too much to focus on but Paris is a really dreamy place.
MJ: I lie to daydream when I’m out in the sun. When I just stare at the sky that sort of just takes me to places. There’s something about blue sky and sunshine sets me off.

What does the daisy flower mean to you?
SC: It reminds me of the 1970s fresh girl. It also reminds me of Marc, which I like.
MJ: For me it reminds me of the whole make love not war, it’s always been a symbol of kindness and peace and lovely femininity. It’s naively feminine. It’s the  sweet naivety of wanting to be nice.

What’s your favourite time of day?
SC: That dusk moment when the world is so beautiful. I love the traditional aperitif when your ending the day.
MJ: Yeah, that’s good fun. I like when the day is ending and winding down. I think I’m more nocturnal.
SC: I was too, until I had children.

What do you dream of?
MJ: My dreams at night aren’t inspiring, they’re actually quite frightening. My dreams that I have when I’m awake are more like goals, they are my ambitions.

Who would be your dream date?
MJ: Sofia, of course, but also Jessica Lang. She was my dream date the other night.
SC: Bill Murray because he is always fun.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you do?
MJ: I would idle. I don’t think I could paint. My fashion sketches aren’t art. I think I would like to be a writer.
SC: My hobby is actually what I do for work, so that’s hard to answer. But if I couldn’t make films I guess I would like to work in magazines. I would like to be a beauty editor.

There is a trend in the Middle East to layer scents. What do you think about this?
MJ: I didn’t know that. I think layering scents is personal. For me, first I apply body lotion then my scent and then I smoke on top of that – it’s totally personal.

Read more about Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola and the new Daisy Dream scent (which starts from Dhs310 for 50ml and is available at all leading cosmetic stores) in the September issue of Emirates Woman, available now.