Emirates Woman is proud to welcome renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur, Nina Ubhi, as our new beauty contributor where she’ll be sharing her top trends in the beauty industry and what she’s observed while working with celebrity-endorsed brands across the sector.

It’s difficult to say which way beauty trends will go right now as we’ve all been pretty comfortable with the less is more approach for the past year. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of expressive eyes and muted shades popping up on my feed right now and I’m loving it.

Expressive eyes can be anything from being creative with your eyeliner or even no eye makeup with a pair of wispy lashes.

I’m personally loving the spring muted shades of tan nudes, baby blues, mulberry hues and sage greens. It’s all feeling very nostalgic and I’m so here for it.

Go Matte

Nina Ubhi Beauty contributor

It’s looking like there’s an ode to the ’90s too. We’re moving away from shimmers and amping up the mattes. If I were to recommend one staple makeup product then I’d say a matte nude palette. You’d think this is pretty easy to find but you need to ensure the undertone of the shades suit your skin tone.

Pro tip: Go for the opposite of your undertone. If you have a cool undertone to your skin then opt for a warm yet subtle nude palette and if you have a warm undertone to your skin then go for a cool nude palette.

Bright Eyes

There’s a big focus on uplifting, bright colours on the eyes. This is where the nostalgic vibe kicks in. If you’re not big on bold colours on the eyes like me then stick to the muted shades like sage green or coral. Just a wash of colour over the lids is enough, without the need to be an expert in blending.

A Bold Lip

A bold lip is a staple look right now and it’s the perfect go-to look if you want to keep the rest of your look minimal. There are no rules on the finish so whether you feel like a matte, glossy or creamy finish just go for it.

Pro tip: I’d recommend using a foundation that you can build up if needed. Dior Backstage Face & Body foundation is my preference if I want to keep my skin low key yet flawless.


Backstage Face & Body Foundation Dhs184 Dior

Natural Brows

Nina Ubhi makeup

Natural brows are finally here and even if you have sparse brows, you can still cheat your way to full brows. Limecrime Bushy Brow pen is the best brow pen on the market that looks natural and has a super-fine tip to replicate each hair.

Lime Crime

Bushy Brow Pen Dhs97 Lime Crime available at bloomingdales.ae

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