Life in the UAE can get a little stressful at times, but luckily for us, it’s also one of the most convenience-driven cultures in the world with a plethora of apps and services designed to make are lives here so much easier…

From at home gym services to beauticians who will  treat you to the finest manicures from the comfort of your own couch, here are some of  the best apps and services available in the UAE.



We’ve all been there. The amount of times you’ve dropped your phone whilst out and about is in the double digits, but that one time you drop it on the carpet at home seems to have been the last straw. Not to worry though, new start-up Mobile Aid has you covered. Instead of having to tough out a whole 24 hours while your phone’s at the shop, Mobile Aid bring phone repair to your door, fixing everything from cracked screens to software problems in a matter of minutes.

Dhs150 per callout, cost of repair depends on the problem.



One person’s trash is another’s treasure, according to Melltoo and Macklemore. Users of this app are given the ability to buy and sell second-hand stuff in minutes. All you have to do is snap a picture, throw in some #hashtags, then post it to a category for other Melltoo users to see. Check out what’s for sale in your neighbourhood too. There’s some pretty nifty deals on second-hand sneakers and unworn unwanted goods.

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If your strengths in the kitchen lie more in washing up than anything else, then Hellochef have got your back. Their team will have everything you need for your meal chopped, prepared, and then delivered in a box along with a video-recipe to help you create whatever it is you ordered.



If braving the traffic to Satwa doesn’t sound like the best way to spend a Saturday, give 800 Tailor a call. The team will pay you a visit be it at the office or at home to have you measured up. Once everything’s ready, they’ll have the finished garments sent straight to your door. A service to suit anyone with a busy schedule.

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It can be hard to slot in the salon amongst a busy work schedule, which is why Bellefemme bring the salon to you. To save you the hassle of having to leave your home, Bellefemme will rock up and to your home and it into a temporary beauty centre, so you can get pampered without having to lift a finger.



If you can’t commit to a full-time maid, and have trouble committing to keeping your home clean, then Helpling’s Dubai-based branch offer up well-trained professional cleaners at affordable prices. So whether the place just needs a quick sweep, or a full-on scrub, there’ll be someone at Helpling who can do it for you. And probably better too.

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Whether it’s shampoo for your poodle, or a new filter for your fish, Pet’s Delight will have what you need, and will deliver it to your door. Orders over Dhs100 receive free delivery, ensuring Fido the pup will never be out of his favourite treats.



Short for beauty emergency, BEEM is a new Dubai-based app that allows you to search for a specific beauty treatment at a time and a place that suits your schedule. You can also book an appointment through the app. Everything from mani-pedis to massages, eyelash extensions to eyebrow emergencies, BEEM has a solution to any last minute beauty fiasco.

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If your car still sandy from yesterday’s camping, or still dusty from last month’s trip to Fujairah, GreenSteaM are on hand to help you out. Their mobile team will nip over, providing a convenient, quality car wash ordered straight from your phone. No longer will you have to wait tediously in gas-station queues, now you can just sit back and relax.



Your one-stop portal for all the best moving, shipping storage and home service companies in the UAE. Instead of stumbling around the internet trying to find the most reliable-looking company, MoveSouq does the work for you, making sure that everything gets carried out to the highest of standards. With everything ranging from home maintenance and gardening, to pest control, cleaning, painting and car shipping, MoveSouq have you covered when it comes to finding the best people for the job.

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If you struggle to fit gym sessions into your busy schedule, My30minutes have the answer. Through using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), their system allows your body to get multiple workouts done in a mere 30 minutes. All sessions are one-on-one, and include nutritional advice with the option for home-workouts available. As if working out normally wasn’t fun enough. Now you can get electrocuted whilst you do it.



This recently-launched UAE-based food shopping website provides a selection of products based purely on their taste as recognised by expert chefs, restaurant owners, sommeliers and supertasters. So as opposed to gravitating towards popular brand-names and pretty packaging, you can now be sure that what you buy is of award-winning quality, and tastes tip top.

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Are takeaways beneath you? Got a fancy dinner party coming up? Perhaps you should consider renting a personal chef for the night. Just head over to ChefXChange’s website, select Dubai from the list of cities, and you’ll be greeted with a list of both amateur and professional chefs complete with reviews, rates, and style of cuisine.



It’s Saturday. You’re tired, and the  laundry hamper is overflowing. Luckily, this is no longer a problem. Head over to Get Laundry’s website, and a representative will swing by the house to grab your clothes, returning them clean and smelling fresh at a preferred time in less than 24 hours.



The team behind Babies and Beyond are expertly trained fairy godmothers, offering up a huge list of services for both soon-to-be and recent parents. With everything including prenatal workshops, babysitting, at-home help during the first few years, childcare and development classes and more, Babies and Beyond can give you that much needed hand so even if just for a minute, you can take a little break.