Ever wondered what’s really inside that hi-tech night cream? Well now the answer could be, er, you.

The team at Dubai’s Rebecca Treston Aesthetics have come up with a new way to keep away the wrinkles – a bespoke moisturiser made from your own skin cells.

How it all works is quite scientific, but we’ll try to break it down. Inside each of your skin cells lies something called growth factors – natural proteins that are essential in maintaining healthy skin, which can be extracted using Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF) technology.

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If you’re yet to be acquainted with CGF is, it’s a way of extracting proteins from your blood (using a needle, sorry!).

Your blood sample is transferred into a vial, and placed inside a machine that whizzes it around to separate and optimise the high-quality growth factors. These are then mixed with natural moisturising ingredients to create a cream just for you.

It’s all a bit confusing, so here’s a video that might help explain the process:

If you’re saddled with sensitive skin, having a moisturiser made purely out of your own cells and natural ingredients means there’s absolutely no risk of an allergic reaction.

CGF has been clinically proven to regenerate ageing skin, all through the use of your body’s own natural healing proteins.

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The natural ingredients of CGF can also be used to create customisable facial fillers, so if you were on the fence about getting Botox – don’t.

CGF Botox can help to naturally address all the same issues that regular Botox does: volume loss in the cheeks, fine lines, deeper wrinkles, dehydrated skin, frown lines, puffy eyes and eye circles, neck lines, scars, and uneven skin texture and tone.

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If you can stomach having to have your blood drawn (needles aren’t fun, we know), then you could’ve just found the treatment that blows your entire bathroom cabinet out of the water.

The process costs between Dhs1,500 to Dhs2,000 for the extraction, with the moisturiser costing an additional Dhs800.

The moisturister is only good for one month, after which you’ll have to undergo another extraction process.

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