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Founded over 30 years ago, luxury French brand Anne Semonin remains at the forefront of cosmetology research, creating tailor-made beauty.

What do your first 30 mins of the day look like, your morning routine?

I usually wake up at 7:00 am. My very first 30 min are devoted to my emails and daily newspaper reading whilst having a healthy breakfast.

In terms of beauty, do you subscribe to the theory you are what you eat?

Absolutely. Healthy skin is also a matter of nutrition. Some of our spas offer the juice bar and we also suggest each month a recipe for a balanced and vitaminized fresh juice by Anne Semonin. Taking care of yourself on the inside will reflect on the outside! Discover our nutritional tips for an Inside Out Beauty at @annesemoninfrance

Anne Semonin - product

What pillars of DNA define Anne Semonin as a brand?

Anne Semonin has been offering made-to-measure beauty and spa rituals since 1985. We believe that each skin is unique, with changing needs resulting from temperatures, lifestyle choices, and hormonal imbalances, to name but a few.

We offer the best of nature and science by using high-quality natural active ingredients and the latest advancements in cosmetology by using biotechnology that helps to guarantee the efficacy of natural-based products. Our Mixology Concept targets each guest’s individual needs by addressing particular concerns and results in immediate, long-lasting results. Moreover, our sophisticated formulas, with lovely textures and delicate scents, offer to our consumers the ultimate sensory experience!

Anne Semonin beauty and wellness therapies revolve around the superiority and efficacy of our luxury products. However, our high-quality service, classic French touch, and exclusive holistic approach also play a significant role in our therapies’ success. They are combined with our results-driven products to make for unrivalled spa experiences.

Which product would you recommend as a hero buy for all skin types?

There are a few Anne Semonin Cult products that I would recommend:

  • The Mineral Mask – is a key product and has been one of our best sellers for 35 years. It is a dynamic versatile mask, rich in natural marine trace elements and minerals to boost vitality, purify and hydrate the skin. Lemon, Hops, Horsetail, Pine and Rosemary extracts detoxify, tighten and rebalance the skin, leaving an all-over healthy glow.
  • The Express Radiance Ice Cubes – are also a magic product that offers an instantly radiant complexion. Guaranteed to plump up your skin and restore brightness within minutes! A wonderful radiance booster perfects after a long flight, before an important work meeting or as preparation for an evening out.
  • The Glow – is a complexion enhancer that illuminates and covers the skin in just few seconds with a veil of nude sun-kissed colour offering a perfectly natural and healthy glow.
  • The Super Active Cream is an advanced anti-ageing day cream that instantly lifts the skin, relaxes facial muscles to reduce wrinkles, boosts collagen and fills fine lines. With a Botox-like peptide, The Super Active Cream is a revolutionary alternative to anti-ageing invasive techniques.

Anne Semonin recently launched a revitalizing and perfecting trilogy collection, using the light-restorative power of precious gold extracts and age-fighting biotech ingredients. The Ultimate Gold – Firming and Lifting Serums are designed to support skin experiencing loss of glow and are aiming to revitalize and perfect the skin’s appearance to a youthful complexion and luminosity. Three formulas containing advanced peptides and an infusion of yellow, white and pink gold particles, combined with an age-defying technology, work to help to give skin an ultimate radiant look.

And last but not least, our Mémoires d’Eté Bath & Body Collection, launched in 2020 are the must-have products to treat your body and delight the senses.
Inspired by the fresh, salty air of the sea and aromatic citrus groves by sunny shores, Mémoires d’Eté evokes memories of summer months spent in Mediterranean bliss.

Formulated with antioxidant marine and botanical ingredients to revitalize your skin, and uplifting notes of lemon, grapefruit and mint to reawaken the senses, this new luxury range delivers the perfect combination of serenity and wellbeing.

Anne Semonin products

Your ingredients are naturally derived – how important is this?

All Anne Semonin products are formulated with natural active ingredients (essential oils, trace elements, plant extracts, marine extracts, minerals) but also technologically advanced ingredients. We focus on sophisticated formulas and the best ratio of preservative systems that guarantee the highest formulas’ stability.

The beauty market is broad – how do you stay relevant as a brand?

To maintain the position as a key player in the industry is a challenge. We are one of the very few remaining independent brands today in the market that has managed to grow and thrive whilst still retaining our freedom and vision. We achieved this because what we miss in size and resources is more than compensated by being dynamic, decisive, strongly personal, responding quickly to fast-evolving market and client needs.

For many of us, fine lines creep in without us noticing. What is the best way to combat this?

At Anne Semonin, we believe in skin radiance, combined with the daily routine that is suitable to your skin needs, concerns and your lifestyle. The fine lines are part of the face expressions and the Anne Semonin products help to restore the inner luminosity and plumping aspect that the years have a tendency to diminish!

You offer a made-to-measure service- tell us more?

Besides the Anne Semonin mixology concept offering the made to measure skincare routine, we also create Signature treatment and service menus for our spas to perfectly answer the guests’ expectations locally: a customer visiting a beach resort spa does not have the same expectations as a customer visiting a business spa located in big cities.

What in the beauty market is luxury?

Taking the time for oneself. Taking a pause from everyday stresses is very important, especially during this challenging period. “Feel tense muscles slowly unknot, and your mind gradually unwinds” is one of the promises we make to our spa guests. The Anne Semonin therapies “Inner Calm Outer Glow” are designed to hit the reset button and bring equilibrium to mind, body, and soul.

Do you see any buying patterns in terms of global sales when it comes to beauty?

The consumers seem to be loyal to skincare, provided the products are suitable and answer their specific needs and concerns.

How do you think beauty brands should approach client engagement and retention?

Gaining loyalty through the efficacy of the products is key. Anne Semonin products are formulated with active ingredients which are carefully selected to offer immediate and long-lasting results.

What does your pre-bedtime beauty routine look like?

My ‘beauty moment’ after a long working day is a relaxing shower with the Anne Semonin Memoire d’Ete Bath & Body Collection. At night, after make-up removing and cleansing with Botanical Milk, and toning with Botanical Toner personalized with a few drops of Firming Intensive Complex, I apply the Miracle Eye Contour Cream and the Precious Serum, our powerful skin rejuvenator, the perfect solution to fatigued and lacklustre skin!

A few sprays of the subtle scents of our Mémoires d’Eté in the room will definitely invite a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

What effect has social media played in the beauty industry its growth as a brand?

Social media has become an increasingly important platform for beauty brands in order to showcase their products. Social media posts can reach a wide range of potential customers from all over the world and generate buzz. Social media marketing activities influence users’ perception on the brand and influence customers’ future purchase intention.

What advice would you give to your younger self starting out?

Have a great concept, be passionate and knowledgeable about this business, build a great team around you especially in sales and marketing, secure enough financial resources and persevere.

This is The Beauty issue – what is beauty to you?

Beauty is ageless. Women (and men) can be beautiful at any age, provided that their skin looks healthy and radiant. And, as they say, beauty is … in the eye of the beholder.

June’s – ‘The Beauty Issue’ – Download Now

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