The LV GO-14 bag stands as a remarkable creation within Louis Vuitton’s legacy of leather goods.

This bag is named GO-14 to signify Ghesquière October 2014, it represents Nicolas Ghesquière’s inaugural designs during his debut as Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Artistic Director.

With its revival in 2023, the GO-14 embraces the essence of malletage, a technique reminiscent of historical trunk craftsmanship. The elegant crisscross pattern, known as galon trim, evokes the artistry that once secured documents during travel. Ghesquière’s innovative reimagining breathes new life into this tradition, intertwining it with a contemporary aesthetic.

Today, the GO-14 is a luxurious lambskin bag featuring exquisite malletage that invites tactile exploration. Its padded design is brought to life through meticulous overstitching, adding depth and grace to its contours. The bag spans a spectrum of colors, from bold monochromes to nuanced tones, inviting admiration for its textured subtleties.

Whether slung over the shoulder with its supple chain, carried on the arm, or held in hand, it exudes sophistication. This bag captures the spirit of heritage, embodying Louis Vuitton’s legacy of excellence.

Crafting the GO-14 requires over 20 intricate steps, showcasing the prowess of artisans. The evolving malletage technique, passed down from early trunks, demands skill and precision. Meticulous attention to patina, color gradations, and the precise application of the 17-meter-long trim are central to its creation. The result is a bag that harmonizes perfection with Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship.

Take a look at the meticulous making of the LV GO-14:

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Images: Supplied by Louis Vuitton