For those of you who might be borderline shopaholics, your empty luxury boxes and packaging could make you some extra bucks.

Whether the famous blue box from Tiffany & Co. or Chanel’s covetable perfume bottle, the packaging is a brand’s direct link to share their unique story and plays an integral role even once the product’s lifecycle is over.

From intricate detailing to high-quality raw materials, luxury brands use packaging as a symbol of opulence to indicate the brand’s message to consumers, while holding the highest standards of design and detail.

Chanel perfume

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In research done by on eBay, listing prices for empty luxury items including shoe boxes and carrier bags have been analysed to find out their monetary value in the market, boiling it down to the real value of luxury items through thorough investigation.

The most valuable luxury brand packaging includes the watch box for Rolex at Dhs811, Tag Heuer at Dhs755, Breitling at Dhs664, Omega at Dhs638 and Seiko at Dhs380.

For shoe boxes, Louis Vuitton’s is priced at Dhs375, Nike at Dhs278, Saint Laurent at Dhs202, Gucci at Dhs197, Chanel and Dhs187 and Fendi at Dhs187. The jewellery boxes for Tiffany & Co. are priced at Dhs250, Chanel at Dhs243 and Cartier at Dhs177, with shopping bags for Gucci at Dhs349, Louis Vuitton at Dhs349 and Louboutin at Dhs273.


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In addition, the perfume bottles for Dior and Chanel are priced at Dhs253 and Dhs218 respectively with Diptyque candles at Dhs253.

With empty candle jars also making it to the list, it comes to show that the world of luxury has a price for everything adding an element of excitement to each iconic brand packaging.

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