Size inclusivity has never looked so good.

The fashion landscape is changing, especially in the luxury segment.

More designers are diversifying across all aspects of their production and the recently launched eccomerce destination 11 Honoré is leading the charge at delivering luxury fashion to a plus size fashionista.

11 honore plus size designer fashion middle east

Working closely with leading brands, founder Patrick Herning is passionate to spread the message of inclusivity across the globe and sees the Middle East as one of his top target markets.

We chat to him about what diversity means today, their extravagant show at New York Fashion Week and why this region is key to changing the conversation around plus-size dressing.

11 honore plus size designer fashion middle east

Summarise 11 Honoré for us in a sentence.

11 Honoré is a size inclusive e-commerce site that provides a first of its kind shopping destination for designer clothing in sizes US 10 to 20+.

Why did you feel that now was the right time to launch the platform in the Middle East?

Fashion is global and should reflect what our world looks like today. Women in the Middle East are at the forefront of luxury fashion and trends today more than ever, so it’s the perfect place to launch 11 Honoré.

11 honore plus size designer fashion middle east

What has the response been like since your New York fashion week debut?

Amazing! Our intention by opening New York Fashion Week was to set the tone for the event that fashion should be inclusive and that a size 0 body is not the only size that can look stunning on a runway, or anywhere for that matter. Our goal is to ensure women of varying shapes and sizes are seen and considered when it comes to fashion. It’s been truly wonderful to get feedback from customers, media and the plus-size community that seeing a show like ours was uplifting and inspiring.

Which designers can we look forward to shopping on the site at the moment?

We will be at about 90 designers by spring. Expect exciting collections from designers new to 11 Honoré, including, Adam Selman, Apiece Apart, Huishan Zhang, Cushnie and Fleur du Mal. We also carry other top designers who have been brand partners since the beginning including, Jason Wu, Christian Siriano, Prabal Gurung, Brandon Maxwell, Zero + Maria Cornejo and Tanya Taylor.

11 honore plus size designer fashion middle east

Tell us about your presence in the Middle East and what we can expect in the near future. Are you collaborating with more local brands?

The Middle Eastern woman is very fashion forward and her aesthetic is extremely sophisticated, elegant, and glamorous. We’re planning to be in the Middle East more and to open another headquarters in the region based out of Dubai.

As for collaborating with local brands, definitely! There is so much talent in the region. Watch this space for a few kaftan silhouettes for Ramadan…

You recently visited Dubai, did anything stand out to you?

How advanced it is, how a vision turned into a reality, and how it’s a true testament to what a cosmopolitan city should look and feel like.

11 honore plus size designer fashion middle east

What does the plus size market look like at the moment and why should more designers see it as a key segment?

The majority of American women are a size 16, yet only a very small segment of the fashion industry is serving this woman in any way. Designers should consider the market because they want to dress the majority of women and recast the scope of what the antiquated ideas in fashion have always told them is right or beautiful. The plus size market has been underserved for so long and there is a lot of stigma to erase. There is a lot of excitement and interest from this customer. As a company, we learn a lot every day and are fortunate to have a wonderful team and customer base who we can grow with constantly.

Which brands would you love to have on board in the future?

Stella McCartney, Carolina Herrera, Celine, and Gucci to name a few.

11 honore plus size designer fashion middle east

In your opinion, what does inclusivity in fashion mean today?

Inclusivity in fashion today is a journey of education and discovery. As we are pushing our designers to go to a size 24, we are becoming more inclusive, but it is a process and we are getting there. Inclusivity cannot just be a buzzy marketing term, but real work towards aiming to include people who have previously been outliers in the fashion world. We have to, in essence, rewrite the vocabulary of what has been said before and work to redefine old standards of beauty within fashion from a 360-degree approach in order to make it truly inclusive and remain that way.

What is your personal motto?

If you do the right thing, the right thing will follow. And no matter what, stay committed and don’t ever, ever give up.

11 Honoré now ships to the Middle East.

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