Keen for your next coffee date to blow your Instagram followers’ minds? Well… 

We don’t do luxury in halves in Dubai. Oh no. We have floating homes coming up, and soon there will be a fine-dining restaurant inside a cinema on the Palm Jumeirah

Well, here’s another thing to add to your Dubai-extravagance-bucket list: for Dhs75 (aka, 20USD or 16.50GBP) you can have a gold cappuccino at the Armani Hotel Dubai. This haute coffee comes with 23 real carat gold flakes placed atop it, and is served with dark chocolate. Plus, you can enjoy it while sitting in the Armani Hotel inside the Burj Khalifa.

We expect to see plenty of these popping up on Insta’ soon:


The coffee is now available in the hotel’s Lobby Lounge, daily (04 888 3666). 

In other luxe Dubai hotel/food news, the city’s other swankiest hotel, the Burj Al Arab, has just broken a very expensive Guinness World Record, creating the world’s largest tin of caviar…

The 17.8 kilo whopper is so big it requires four white-gloved men to carry it around (well, TBH, that’s probably for effect):


The tin was custom-made by AmStur for the hotel, and inside it you’ll find a deep-grey Empress caviar from sturgeon (the world’s only fully-certified organic caviar).

Fancy some? Well you won’t be able to try the caviar from this particular tin, as according to the Guinness World Records requirements, the entire portion of the caviar had to be completely consumed in one go, so the guests at the event last week got to sample the whole lot.

Speaking of swanky, here’s your guide to the 10 most luxurious hotel rooms in the UAE (the Armani and Burj Al Arab are in there of course).

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