Talk us through your morning routine.

I’ve never really had too much of a routine but, as my skin has got older, I’ve focused more on this. I wash my face and then use my Beauty Pie everyday moisturiser. I am also trying to grow my hair so I take hair vitamins each morning and add an organic oil to my hair and eyebrows.

Do you have a pre-bedtime routine?

I cleanse with Aveda and then add my Beauty Pie night oil. What are your go-to skincare products? Mainly Beauty Pie and recently the Soho Home SKIN range, always a blend of natural oils to condition and cleanse.

Which mask is your favourite and why?

I love Beauty Pie’s 10 minute-miracle sheet mask, it’s great for rehydration and a little boost. I mainly use masks when travelling long haul.

How would you describe your day-to-day makeup?

This is pretty minimal; I use the Glossier tinted moisturiser with a body glow product mixed in which gives a nice shine. I use a brow pencil and brush and a tiny bit of mascara then a highlighter that can be used on my cheeks and lips.

What can always be found in your makeup bag?

Always a natural oil of some sort and a few Glossier products.

Let’s talk fragrances. What are you currently loving?

Since I was pregnant with my eldest son, I was put off by stronger smelling fragrances, so I don’t really wear one now. I prefer a nice smelling body wash and my husband’s Acqua
di Parma deodorant. I do sometimes use the Glossier perfume.

Talk us through your haircare routine.

I wash my hair a few times a week to maintain the natural oils and take vitamins for growth. I use BABA shampoo and conditioner, it’s quite thick which I like. I mix natural oils in between hair washes.

How is your hairstyle different from day to night?

I leave it down loose by day usually and for a more natural, night-time look I put it in a low, slick bun.

What is the most unusual item in your make-up bag?

Not sure it’s unusual but my new favourite is a Mac silver pigment glitter, it’s so fun and makes you smile, adding an element of glam.

Beauty tools you can’t live without.

Not so much a tool but I have started having a HydraFacial every six weeks which is a real rejuvenator for your skin.

What was the last beauty product you bought?

The Mac pigment glitter.

What is your ultimate beauty indulgence?

A HydraFacial.

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