So international fashion weeks are over and while we have all heard about the new trends – yes burgundy is the new colour, it’s about faux fur and slogan jumpers are all rage – there’s also one hot model’s name on everyone’s lips… and it’s not Kendall Jenner.

He’s Instafamous, fashion’s new It boy and he has an incredible name – Lucky Blue Smith is the model every designer wants to work with and every brand wants for their campaigns.

His platinum blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and chiselled looks have seen him court attention from major fashion wigs across the globe but what do you know about the fresh-faced 17 year old?

Lucky Blue Smith, the face of male modelling

Lucky Blue Smith, the face of male modelling

Here’s all you need to know about Lucky Blue Smith, the face of male modelling. 

He’s A Mormon

Lucky Blue Smith has come a long way from Spanish Forks, in Utah, where he grew up with his family and four siblings. Traditionally of Mormon faith, the Smiths are a very talented bunch.

He’s The New Brad Pitt

At the age of 10 he was discovered by Alexis Borges, director of Next Model Agency, whilst on a scouting trip to Salt Lake City with his sister Daisy Clementine.  Borges said: “He reminded me of a baby Brad Pitt.” Two years later, Lucky Blue was signed to the agency and his career took off. His first photoshoot was for the designer, Hedi Slimane, for Japanese Arena Hommes.

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He Has Four Sisters, Also Models

However, it turns out that Lucky Blue isn’t the only member of the Smith family with impeccable genes and killer cheekbones. His eldest sister Daisy Clementine, 19, Pyper America, 18, and Starlie Cheyenne, 21 (yes, that’s their real names) are also all signed to Next Models. Their genetically blessed genes secured the family with a Gap campaign.

Lucky Blue Smith, the face of male modelling

Lucky Blue Smith and his sisters in a Gap campaign

He House Shares  With His Sisters

So close are the family, Lucky Blue reportedly lives in two bedroom apartment in Hollywood with his four siblings where they are home-schooled.


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He’s An Insta-Success

Proving his vast popularity, Lucky Blue currently has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, but if we put this in perspective to other Instagram heavy weights like Beyoncé, who has 48.4 million followers and Taylor Swift who has 51.6 million, this number seems pretty small. But with the model only at the start of his career, who knows what the future can hold.

Lucky Blue Smith, the face of male modelling

Lucky Blue’s sisters are all models, too

He’s The Male Cara

The industry has nicknamed him the male answer to Cara Delevingne (21.1 million Instagram followers, in case you were wondering). Just like Cara Lucky Blue also has a passion for music – he currently plays drums for his family’s band, The Atomics. Speaking to the Guardian, Lucky Blue said: “I want to show my fans my music career and for them to [still] be fans of me when they’re mums.”

Lucky Blue Smith, the face of male modelling

Family love