Looking to rekindle your faith in love with a dash of humor and charm? Look no further than Anne Hathaway’s latest rom-com escapade, ‘The Idea of You’.

Picture this: Anne, playing the role of Solène, stumbles into a Coachella romance with Nicholas Galitzine’s character, a heartthrob from the boy band August Moon.

It’s a tale that’ll make every millennial’s hopeless romantic fantasy come alive—think love, pop stars, and a sprinkle of unexpected twists!

But wait, if you’ve already watched ‘The Idea of You’ and are trying to fill an Anne Hathway size of rom-com void in your heart, we’ve got a list of movies for you to watch over the weekend.

From royal escapades to magical transformations, Hathaway’s performances are pure gold. So, if you’re craving more rom-com goodness, here are 5 Anne Hathaway classics guaranteed to keep your heart aflutter.


Whether you’re in the mood for fashion, fairy tales, or heartfelt romance, these Anne Hathaway rom-coms are guaranteed to keep you entertained and your heart aflutter. So grab some popcorn, cozy up on the couch, and let the romance unfold on screen.

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