Makers of Netflix’s poular series Bridgerton have dropped a new prequel, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, and the internet cannot seem to have enough of it.

Period dramas always help us escape the present and time travel to an era we weren’t a part of. Generally, most of these shows reek of patriarchy, where women are merely just objectified, (there are a few exceptions, of course).

In Queen Charlotte however, the power is steered back into the hands of a woman. While there is a king, it is the queen who calls the shots. Besides stressing on gender equality when it comes to monarchy, the series also sheds light on issues of racism, classism and ageism.

One of the creators of the show is Shonda Rhimes, who is known for delicately introducing the subject of mental health across all her shows of different genres. Similarly in this series, a mental illness has been highlighted and how it was perceived back them. The shame, the stigma and the archaic treatment that stems for lack of knowledge and advancement.

Most importantly, what makes the show special is the vulnerability that is exchanged between characters. While shows and depictions of royal families are always approached with measured interactions where words are threaded lightly, this particular series thrives on high-voltage emotions and chemistry.

If you’re done watching the Bridegerton prequel, here are 8 regency dramas you can watch instead.

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