We live in a place where ordering McDonald’s do your doorstep is possible. With naughty takeaways available 24/7, the inclination to eat healthy, especially after a hard day at work, dwindles and that dreaded Dubai stone becomes all the more realistic… thank goodness for new health food service Love Food ME. #EWGetsFit

What Is It?

Love Food is a Dubai-based meal delivery service with an onus on nutritional, unprocessed, and clean meals. Food is delivered daily (to a location and time of your choosing) – even if you book a week package – ensuring the meals are as fresh as possible.

The cuisine is created by qualified, and gourmet, Australian chefs who use the freshest local organic produce, free range and grass fed meats.

All the food is 100 per cent process-free, GMO-free and refined sugar-free. If that wasn’t good enough, Love Food ME also caters to those with intolerances and allergies also providing gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Love Food ME

How It works?

There are three main Love Food meal plans to choose from depending on what you want out of the programme. All of the meal plans (which can be slightly tweaked to help you) are designed to help you maximise your health, wellness but never compromising on taste.

Love Food ME

Nutritious snacks

The plans:

  • Vitality 3 for those who want more energy and to look great.
  • Lifestyle 3 and Lifestyle 5 (Paleo) for those who want a gluten-free, diary-free and refined sugar-free and low GI diet.
  • Power 5 for those who want to improve bone strength and maintain lean muscle mass.

Orders are made for a month but you can get in touch directly if you wish to customise days and number of meals. All the meals come in delightful glass tupperware, which must be washed and placed back in the delivery cooler bag to be collected when other meals arrive. The delivery team will collect it the following delivery day.

Love Food ME

The homemade granola is one of our favourite breakfasts from Love Food ME


Before trying the Love Food Lifestyle menu I considered myself a foodie with a good knowledge of what is healthy and also a good knowledge of vegetables. So, I was very pleasantly surprised when my meals contained foods I’d never have picked up myself. Celeriac being the main ingredient that shocked me. I had it in crisp form, mash and as an alternative to pasta in my lasagna.

It was fantastic waking up and knowing that I didn’t have to make any breakfast or lunch, and getting back from the gym was so much less stressful knowing my dinner was already waiting. What made it even better was knowing that the food would be delicious and also healthy.

Love Food ME educated me about food and taught me new ways to prepare and serve foods. I thoroughly recommend it. If only opting for two meals a day I recommend going for breakfast and lunch – I can’t explain how excited I was each morning to see what treat I had waiting.

There is only one down side to the Love Food menus: they don’t reveal calories so for those on a calorie-controlled diets it is hard to monitor what you are consuming as ingredients and measurements aren’t labelled.

Love Food ME

Fruit-infused waters also come with your food ensuring you get your eight glasses a day


Prices starts from Dhs 729/week for the Vitality 3 menu, which includes two meals and one snack; Dhs812/week for the Lifestyle 3 menu, which includes two meals and one snack and Dhs1,145/week for the Power 5 programme which includes three meals and one snack.

To order, visit the site.

love food

A sample of our delicious trial

Love Food ME