Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

Valentine’s Day. The romantic day of the year is just around the corner and you may be wondering what’s in store for you this year. Here’s what the stars have to say.

Just as the most romantic day of the year rolls around, we will see and feel a sensitive and emotional Cancer Moon gracing our skies. Valentine’s Day sees her tugging on your heartstrings, asking you to be true to yourself. You’re likely going to feel either full of love and emotion, or overwhelmed by it. She is selflessly about to set the stage for a Full Moon in Leo a couple of days later.

Ta-Dah. Leo is all about performance, drama and leadership, he wants to be the star of the show. When the Full Moon hits on February 16, it will be difficult for the lion’s energy to take back what he has said when the Moon was in Cancer.

Leo energy is always full of pride and ambition. He’s not averse to a little emotional drama. So communication around this time can start to take on a slightly selfish bent, he wants what he wants. His ego can easily manifest as arrogance or over-confidence.

On the flip side, Leo’s love to be loved so this can be managed. A healthy dose of wit and charm will allow you to diffuse a potentially tricky situation – just before it heads south. Why not talk about how and why you can achieve more as a couple? Remember there is only room for one star on stage, so feather their nest whilst keeping an eye on what you want.

You may need a bit more of a strategy, just don’t go shooting from the hip last minute and overpromising something you can’t or won’t deliver. The moon ensures you will intuitively know which path to take.

Valentine’s Day can be tough for some. Singletons will probably patiently be listening to the highs and lows of others, offering advice (or tissues if needed). But wait, no need to cry. On a very positive note, the week’s end sees you appearing magnetic and alluring to the opposite sex, so get a group of friends together and get amongst it. Add some sparkle and confidence, voila!

Single men are often cheekier and more inclined to display their romantic side during a Full Moon in Leo, it’s typical of them to be strutting their stuff, more so after the pressure of Valentines Day wears off this year. Their hair will be coiffed and their swag is looking to impress.

Our favourite planetary couple, Venus and Mars, is also meeting intimately this week. You will be wanting to take the initiative and be bolder. Mars and Venus in Capricorn command results. Try not to become agitated if someone doesn’t live up to your very exact expectations. If your squeeze or potential dream is not ready, avoid pushing them into a more intimate relationship or deeper emotional connection. Give them the space to grow and develop in their own time – especially if you want it to go somewhere. Capricorn energy will wait. Until early March, at least.

That said, there is a turn of planetary events after Valentine’s Day. The stars suggest, in your favour. Don’t get overexcited yet because the Universe is still asking you to remain spontaneous and go with the flow. You’re cool, right? This is an opportunity in disguise, it will free yourself from fear or any mindset that has been weighing you down.

On 19 February, the Sun moves into Pisces enabling you to feel your way forward. You are seeking a far deeper connection than something simply skin deep. We will be seeing dreamy eyes, charitable or creative displays of emotion and the inevitable sharing of each other’s favourite playlists, films or books.

Singles meanwhile need to watch they’re not feeling misunderstood, diving into the depths of melancholy or pessimism. Get your act together, but also your friends. Why not play out something on your vision board that sets you apart? You’re a person that will soon be the most interesting person in the room if you do.

TIP: if you are single and looking to attract another, look to where Leo sits in your birth chart, every zodiac sign rules a house topic and that is where you can start to look for clues. Keep an eye on your Rising Sun and the opposite sign from it. That zodiac sign or the characteristics it embodies will show you who best suits and balances you, particularly if you are looking for a committed relationship. Of course, a personalised reading always helps – the devil is always in the detail if you know where to look.

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Feature Image: Yana Potter Art