We visit the famous hills of Grasse, the world’s fragrance capital, to discover Louis Vuitton’s latest scent.

Louis Vuitton’s new fragrance, developed by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, is a heady blend of leathery, spicy notes. It was inspired by the Middle East.

“In Grasse we have a very strong connection with the Middle East due to the oud, the spices and the saffron that come from the region. When I was a child I remember people from the Middle East were visiting Grasse, they’ve been doing so since the early centuries to find the finest oils.”

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Jacques has visited the Middle East himself, citing memories of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Oman as formative experiences in his career.

“They are the masters of mixing the perfumes together, women can layer two or three or five perfumes together, you can smell the Middle Eastern women in Paris and in London, when you land in Dubai airport you can immediately smell these beautiful scents.”

Ombre Nomade is a pure oud fragrance, it is powerful and re-addresses the smell of the Middle Eastern world and its sensuality mixed with femininity and masculinity.

It works beautifully layered, Jacques says.

louis vuitton

This oud assam harbours strong leathery, spicy and woody accents with a hint of calming raspberry and an undertone of rose and geranium. Dreamy benzoin and intense black incense brings an air of spirituality to this special fragrance.

A unisex fragrance, Ombre Nomade is joined by five new men’s fragances from Louis Vuitton.

Ombre Nomade is available in refillable, customisable bottles of 100ml (Dhs1,500) and 200ml (Dhs2,200) and 7.5ml travel set (Dhs1,500) at all Louis Vuitton boutiques across the Middle East from May 4. Men’s fragrances out May 31. 

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