Capturing the magic of the desert

Paying homage to the olfactory culture of the Middle East, Louis Vuitton’s master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud borrows the most emblematic and luxurious raw materials for the latest scent.


Nuit de Feu captures that rounded smokiness associated with incense. White incense from Somaliland has been transformed by Louis Vuitton in Grasse into some dazzling and fresh. At its heart, black incense that has been smoked prior to extraction defines the perfume’s personality: warm, dense and sensual. Shortly after, incense resin exhales its characteristic scent, its woody, spicy and slightly lemony notes cast in relief by the softness of an infusion of natural leather.

This exclusive infusion made from leather cuttings collected in the historic workshop at Asnières is a keystone of the composition: it links incense with a magisterial, musky accord that elevates all the other ingredients, bringing them roundness. Belletrud added musk accord to soften some of the sharper notes, while Assam oud – an ingredient found in every perfume in this collection – gives Nuit de Feu a woody depth.


“It’s a perfume that does one a world of good,” notes Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. “It’s a blend of essential ingredients that have traversed the ages and forged our civilisations. In a world that’s becoming more and more virtual, I wanted to create a perfume that anchors and reconnects us with nature and our collective history.”

The beautiful bottle deserves a prime spot on your bathroom shelf and is also refillable, just like the rest of the House’s fragrances. To celebrate the new scent, for the first time Louis Vuitton has created a perfume case in a golden crocodile version which is a perfect companion to Nuit de Feu.

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