It may seem like an odd piece of advice but you would be incredibly surprised by how much goes into producing top quality leather goods. Buy the wrong thing and you could be sorely disappointed… Don’t be ripped off every again.

Dubai is awash with high-end stores and luxurious products, but just because something is high-price doesn’t always mean it’s high-quality.

When it comes to leather goods, Alfred Lacueva Gili, Sales Manager at ECCO, knows what to look for. Below he shares his tips.

how to buy leather in dubai

The new leather collection from Ecco

Top 5 things to look for when buying leather goods:


Colour variation – when purchasing a leather product check if the colour has the same tonality in different lights. Move it around in the light to see if the colour is consistent.


Body – depending on the shape of the bag we will need a full round body or a soft thin one so that the bag will keep its shape for a long time.

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Defects – check for defects so that the product has no scratches on the most visible part of the bag or shoe.

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Touch – feel the leather to see if it is an oily leather otherwise the oils and waxes will transfer to our shirts or skin over time.


Quality – some brands use cheap materials. They cover defects so much that it doesn’t look like leather anymore – it is almost plastic. This is not durable and will not last.

how to buy leather in dubai

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