We have all admired them from afar, but now Emirates Woman goes courtside to reveal the secrets of the elite beach ball-bouncing set.

Name: Vanessa Geens

Age: 31

Nationality: French

Profession: Marketing

My beach beauty icon is…

Gisele Bündchen. Do I really need to say why? I mean look at her: rocking body, naturally beautiful without make-up, and a gorgeous smile.

My exercise routine…

is quite simple. Pilates three times a week at Exhale in JBR  it helps me with my posture. I also play volleyball at Duplays every Monday night and with friends at the weekends.

My beauty prep for the beach includes…

having my nails done at Nail Station. I love a pop of colour on my fingertips. I prefer laser to waxing, it means I can be beach-ready in a split second. I recommend taking Ginko biloba capsules, as they help improve blood circulation.

At the beach…

I drink lots of water to hydrate my skin, and eat fresh fruits that are packed with antioxidants. I spritz sun protector on my hair and tie it in a braid, and liberally apply sunscreen and sunblock on my nose, as it freckles easily.

My beach beauty essentials 


1. Body Spray SPF25 Dhs145 Clinique at Harvey Nichols

2. DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme Dhs205 Estée Lauder

3. Advanced Night Repair Dhs360 Estée Lauder

4. Mango Flower Ultra Rich Body Cream Dhs99 L’Occitane

5. Liquid Layer Sunblock SPF30 Dhs185 Elemis at Bloomingdale’s

The best advice I’ve been given is…

From my mother, who tells me to always wear sunblock. The sun can be our friend, but burnt skin and wrinkles are certainly not. Merci Maman.

I consider my best asset to be…

My height; I enjoy being tall. At 5ft 11in I see it all!

My beauty tip for the beach…

Girls, drop the make-up; a natural look will be your best accessory.

My favourite beaches…

In the UAE it’s the kite-surfing beach in Jumeirah. It’s where I spend most of my time playing beach volleyball. In the world, it would have to be the beaches on Coron Island in the Philippines. The scenery is just dreamy.


Name: Dannielle Blaker

Age: 29

Nationality: Canadian

Profession: Marketing

My beach beauty icon is…

Miranda Kerr. She always looks flawless, super-toned yet still feminine. I would love to know her beauty secrets.

My exercise routine…

I love running and play beach volleyball twice a week. I have recently discovered a new class called FlyBarre. It’s the best class to blitz your arms, bottom and legs.

My beauty prep for the beach includes…

The Moroccan Bath at Lily Ponds Spa in JBR; it leaves skin feeling super-smooth. I always opt for a bright mani/pedi, and my go-to salon for glossy nails is Pelle Capelli beauty lounge.

At the beach…

I like to tie my hair back into a bun, to avoid scorching the lengths, and I always wear sunscreen SPF50 on my face. When I play sports, I carry a bottle of Evian Facial Spray to keep my skin hydrated between matches.

Beach beauty essentials


1. Glacial White Caviar Hydra-Pure Rejuvenating Mist Dhs240 Miriam Quevedo

2. Masquintense Dhs195 Kerastase

3. Facial Spray Dhs18 Evian at Boots Pharmacy

4. Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Dhs172 NUXE at Boots Pharmacy

5. Super Fluid UV Defense Dhs160 Kiehl’s at Harvey Nichols

The best advice I’ve been given is…

After waxing, apply Tend Skin. It’s a magic liquid that prevents in-grown hairs. I swear by it!

I consider my best asset to be…

My legs and bottom. I think all the years of pounding the pavements have kept them in check.

My beauty tip for the beach…

is to keep make-up to a minimum. Swap a heavy-duty foundation for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser and add a hint of bronzer. That’s all you need.

My favourite beaches…

I love to go to the beach islands in Abu Dhabi. The water there is unspoilt and it’s really private. The most beautiful beach I have ever visited is Boracay in the Philippines – vivid turquoise water and the whitest sand.


Photographer: Vikram Gawde

Stylist: Elizabeth Whiston-Dew

Assistant: Emmely Hallgren Ayoob

Make-up: Nehmat Hassan for Rimmel

Hair: Jhony Ayoub for Jacques La Coup