The Mean Girls star is quite the thrillseeker, it seems.

With its intricate crescents, the Palm Jumeirah is a sight best enjoyed from above.

But rather than opting for a scenic helicopter tour, one Hollywood star decided to take in the view in a more adrenaline-rushing fashion.

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Lindsay Lohan, who moved to Dubai last year, got a bird’s eye view of her new home city last week, with a vertigo-inducing skydive over the Palm.


The Mean Girls star took part in a tandem jump with Skydive Dubai on March 26, according to her Instagram feed, where she shared several clips from the day with her 6.4 million followers.

lindsay lohan

(Unfortunately the videos shared were Instagram Stories, which have now disappeared from her account, but you can view them here).

The 31-year-old was all smiles as she made her ascent into the sky, looking rather more relaxed that we would at the prospect of a 120-mile-per-hour freefall.

lindsay lohan

Lohan was also beaming during her descent, as she was strapped to an instructor, before coming to a steady stop in the Palm drop zone.

The star has previously revealed plans to create her own island paradise in Dubai’s World Islands, so maybe she was just scouting out a location?

Lohan did declare the experience the “best skydive ever”, according to her Instagram Story clips, so maybe we should pluck up the courage and take the jump.

lindsay lohan

The star opened up about just why she loves living in Dubai earlier this year, telling W Magazine this month she felt “so relieved” when she relocated from London to the Emirates.

“Now I don’t have to open suitcases and live out of hotels and bags. Everything is where it should be. It’s a cleansing of your head, which is what I needed, and it took me a while to do it,” Lohan told the magazine.

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Among the many benefits of life in Dubai (beaches, year-round sun… hey we’re biased), it’s the lack of paparazzi that Lohan cites among one of the city’s main attractions for her.

“There’s a certain calmness that I find there. There’s no paparazzi, no cameras; that’s a big deal for me,” she said.

“I never considered people taking a picture ‘bothering’ me, but I don’t want people to misinterpret who I am as a person if they see me sneezing and they say I’m crying. I do really appreciate having the life where I can just go outside and not have to worry.”

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Images: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram