Recently, Limoz Logli, a popular hair stylist and colourist from London, made his way to Dubai. After opening his own salon in Chelsea, Limoz is all set to not just excute his colouring expertise in the region, but also educate people on doing it the right way.

When it comes to colouring, a looming thought of damaging your natural hair always plays the devil’s advocate. What if we told you that it’s possible to paint your tresses without damaging the texture and quality? According to Limoz, it’s all in the technique and the after care, “The health of the hair has never been more important to our clients and we couldn’t be happier. We have been working like this for years but the demand for natural lift and seamless colour with subtle depth is on the rise. We are loving the freshness of this return and are even happier when clients couple it with a shoulder length or mid chop.”


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If your teens are bout colouring your hair red, blue and green in rebllion (sorry, mom), your ’20s are about finding that perfect colour, which will ultimately become your signature. Limoz is known for his ‘signature colour’ which is ultimately just enhancing the natural colour of your hair with shades that further complement your skin tone.

“Since the recent transformations of Margot Robbie and Hailey Bieber back to their darker natural base, this fall/winter we will see more demand for a more natural colour approach,” expressed the expert.

the era of dramatic hair has seemingly slowed down, I guess the quiet luxury bug has also infiltrated the beauty industry. “Clients are moving away from the more dramatic sun kissed face framing and instead requesting deep nourishing treatments, colour glosses and requesting to move closer to their natural base with more subtle face framing and low lights and natural root drags.”

The idea is to also build a more sustainable colour cylce for your hair, that you can transition between fall-winter and summer. “What is even more desirable about this trend is when summer comes around your hair is a cleaner healthier canvas for those natural sun kissed lights. We want to eliminate all blockiness and dramatic regrowth’s!”

First step is to always seek a professional who understands the methodology of colour beyond its superficial apperance. If it changes your texture, feel and over all health, the mere colour by itself won’t help you look better.

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