Tiffany Karam from K-Lynn Lingerie, is a first-time mum and all too happy to share what she has learned so far. Whether you’re a mum-to-be or already the matriarch of a small brood, her tips and advice are an education to say the least.

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

1. Pretty and comfy PJs that you can meet any visitors in. I rocked my Ralph Lauren sleep shirts at the hospital.

2. Pick a cute robe and slipper set to lift your morale and keep you going during those late night feedings and nappy changes.

3. Two nursing bras and a pack of breast pads.

4. A journal to write down things you’ll want to remember post birth. So much happens in such a little space of time.

5. Mascara and blusher are essential. You’ll need them for those au natural photos that everyone will share on social media.

Select The Right Maternity Bra (You’ll be wearing it a lot – day and night!)

1. If you buy your maternity bra before giving birth, make sure you get one in a cup size bigger. After delivery your size will increase, especially when you start breastfeeding and you will also need to fit breast pads. Also remember that you should be able to wear it on the last hook, as your ribcage will have expanded during pregnancy.

2. Choose a nursing bra that is wireless so you can sleep with it on. While machine washing bras is not ideal, you can wash them on the delicate cycle to make things easierin the first few weeks. Always air dry.

3. Always ensure you select the correct band size for your bra, as this is where all the support lies. If the band is climbing up your back, you will need to be fitted into a smaller band size.

4. The rule for how many bras to have is at least three: one to wear, one in the wash and a spare one on hand.

5. Finally, don’t forget to buy comfortable, colourful underwear. Whether opting for full cover or skimpy post delivery, go for pops of colour to make you feel great underneath it all.

Buy Cosy Loungewear

You’re going to be spending a lot of time at home with your new bundle of joy but don’t let that stop you from dressing up nicely everyday. Buy yourself some comfortable outfits that you can lounge in but opt for a pretty details and flattering cuts to make you feel good, especially if you have guests.

Invest In Some Good Shapewear For Those Nights Out

Make dressing up easy post-baby by selecting the right shapewear to smooth everything out. This will boost your confidence to ensure you have a great girls’ night out – once you’re ready to entrust your little treasure to dad, of course.