The Sci-fi genre and desert-style landscapes have been something of a popular pairing of late, heavily featured in the Hollywood movie Dune.

Now, Istanbul-based brand Les Benjamins have explored the genre expertly creating interesting and thought-provoking designs in the brand’s latest collection entitled “First Wave” taking a new direction for the brand referencing a visual blueprint of what the first colony from Earth might look like in an imagined desert Landscape.

Dreamt up by Creative director Bunyamin Aydin the Fall-Winter 2023 collection combines several aesthetic pillars of the brand, including futuristic sci-fi elements and gaming skins with traditional Eastern cultural symbols such as the Les Benjamins’ carpet monogram — ‘First Wave’ is an amalgamation of a future where the nostalgia for earth still lingers on, long after its inhabitants have left.

Emirates Man has picked our favorite pieces from the collection below so you can brave the Dunes and future in style:

We can expect expertly crafted pieces with second-skin type body armor, padding and technical military silhouettes in leather, silk and crepe juxtaposed by hardware. Deep shades of mahogany, swamp and sylvan green — but flashes of abstract neons and acid-washes in over-exposed Pantones set a cyberpunk tone to the collection as a gentle symbol of humanistic hope set across a dystopic backdrop.

Aligning with the brand’s commitment towards the community, ‘First Wave’ imagines a world where a new tribe has formed in the desert, each carrying their own nostalgia for the past, and the East, but with a resilience towards the future.

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