A Lebanese television host has been deported from Kuwait.

According to reports, the presenter, Sazdel, had been based in the country for 10 years, but has been deported by orders from the Interior Ministry who stated it was of “public interest” to do so.

Per local media reports, the 42-year-old – who is reportedly known as the ‘Kim Kardashian of the Arabs’ – allegedly had posted video clips and photos of herself online which were deemed as “violating public morals”.

The Kuwait-based newspaper Al Qabas has reported the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations for the country took the Lebanese native through the motions to be deported and she was eventually booked on a flight to Beirut.


However, the television personality, who has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, reportedly told newspaper Al Rai that she is married to a Kuwaiti.

“What happened to me and the Interior Ministry’s deportation decision will evaporate once I show a contract of my marriage to a Kuwaiti,” she reportedly said.

“He is now travelling abroad. When he returns, I’ll show it [the contract] and return to Kuwait because my husband is a Kuwaiti and they have no right to deport me.”

Sazdel also took to her Instagram page to address the apparent deportation and announced that she was married to a Kuwaiti man.

“He’s going to handle the legal procedures when he comes back from travel within a week,” she wrote in Arabic. “I’m really relaxed now and decided to get away and have some rest.” However,  the television host insisted she “won’t live in Kuwait”.

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Images: Sazdel Instagram