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Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim files for divorce from husband

We wish her the best of luck

On Saturday, Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim took to Twitter to announce that her and her husband will be separating.

After eight-years of marriage, the former Miss Lebanon and her husband Hadi al-Asmar are going their separate way. The couple have two kids together, and in her tweet, she highlighted just how hard this decision was. She wrote: “The decision was not an easy thing for us. Separating is difficult. Whatever the reasons were, love, respect and appreciation will always be there. And the most important result of our marriage in our children. There isn’t a word that expresses my feelings at this moment. God bless me and Hadi as friends forever.”

Tunisian pop-star, Latifa responded to Nadine’s vulnerable tweet, writing: “My God write for you what’s best, and bless your children. Honesty is more important than marriage.”


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Nadine and Hady wed on June 16, 2012 and had Heaven in 2013 and Giovanni in 2014.

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