In June’s The Skin Issue, Emirates Woman discusses what a game-changing skincare approach entails with leading skincare expert, Rebecca Treston.

What led you to your career as an aesthetician?

I’m not so sure but I’m certainly very thankful to my first boss who introduced me to lasers back in 1995 and ignited my passion for all things energy to treat skin.

Where do you start when it comes to working with a new client?

With all new patients, we start with a consultation to see what it is they’re looking to achieve. I will then proceed to explain what I can do to meet their expectations. I have a plethora of laser and energy-based devices in order to manage the telltale signs of ageing and am generally asked what and how can I achieve it rather than the patient asking for a particular treatment. My treatment plans are designed to improve the overall health, structure and function of the skin. I generally perform three to six treatments on a monthly basis followed by maintenance treatments every three to six months. Once the initial rejuvenation is done, patients can then tweak with Botox filler and skin boosters.

What are the most common skincare issues you are seeing with your clients today?

The most common problem is pigmentation and skin quality. Most of the patients have varying degrees of sun damage or Melasma, closely followed by rosacea and overall ageing. How does lifestyle affect skincare, and do you take a 360-degree approach to overhauling the skin of your clients? Lifestyle has a huge impact on skin health. It can only be achieved by a 360-degree approach. Dubai, in particular, has a fast pace of life with most patients suffering from chronic stress. Stress is the fastest route to all chronic ageing. The good thing is people tend to be aware of this and are in the process to create a better environment for themselves. One of the main factors is sleep; after all, this is where our bodies take the time to rest, recover and repair. Next is diet. It goes without saying that what we put into our bodies is essential to how we feel and look. Proteins are the building blocks of our cells; we need a good balanced diet to keep us optimal. Exercise is vital to improve our mental health and cardio and lymphatic systems, making sure we are bringing fresh oxygen to all our cells and eliminating waste products efficiently. Meditation is a tool to quieten our nervous system as stress elevates all inflammation in the body. We can really reduce these markers by practising breathwork and meditation. Lastly, good skincare and treatments. However, without the above approach, lasting health is impossible. We see a lot of pigmentation issues especially when you live in the sun.

“Lifestyle has a huge impact on skin health. It can only be achieved by a 360-degree approach.”

What can be done to even skin tone if you have this issue?

In-clinic treatments include Q-switch and Pico lasers as they are able to break down pigment more efficiently than other lasers. Combing those with peeling and a pigment inhibitor, and SPF, is magic.


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What is the best new beauty treatment you’ve implemented in your offering?

It is almost impossible to say! I treat the overall skin and that is why I usually combine different energies. I absolutely love BBL as this amazing light device not only is able to treat pigmentation and vascular abnormalities, but it heats the water in the skin which stimulates the fibroblasts, leaving the skin much smoother and clearer. There is a great study by Dr Patrick Bitter on how it has been proven to change gene expression. As we age, the gene mutates, and it is almost like the old gene is switched on. With BBL, the gene expression is reversed, but it also has its limitations so it’s vital for me to combine it with devices such as Cutera’s Enlighten and Fotona’s Starwalker and Dynamis Pro, not forgetting Inmode Morpheus 8. All these treatments have specific properties, such as pulse duration, and have the power to target different depths and targets within the skin. Like most things, it’s not one thing but a combination that really creates the magic.

How does skin change through the decades for women and what should we be doing differently incrementally?

The sad reality is that we are ageing from the age of 20 so it’s important to prevent and protect from as early as possible. Sun protection is vital. Establishing a healthy diet and exercise regime as early as possible is essential so that it becomes second nature.

For those aged 15-30: establish good habits and skincare. Keep it simple. Cleanse, moisturise, SPF and introduce a retinol or active ingredients in the evening. Microdermabrasion or hydra facials to help the skin function.

For those in their 30-40s: introduce some energy-based devices and even some muscle relaxing injections and skin boosters to help treat the first signs of ageing and to promote collagen and elastin to help not only the function but to keep the structure strong.

For ages 40- 60: much of the same with maybe some supplements and hormone replacement to preserve skin health.

What are the overall biggest skincare mistakes people can make?

Applying too many products and irritating or damaging the skin barrier and doing too many treatments. Everything in moderation. There is always a fine line. Go to a reputable skincare professional for early advice so you avoid mistakes.

What products are your non-negotiable go-tos?

A good cleanser and good moisturiser, depending on skin type. Retinol or acid but of course, the holy grail is a great SPF.

What treatment is the best investment for all skin types?

BBL or a variable pulsed Nd-YAG laser, why? So, we can treat more ageing elements. In one technology or wavelength.

What is a beauty philosophy you personally subscribe to?

Keep it simple but effective. It’s a combination of diet, exercise, sleep, and treatments. Treatments alone will not give great skin health.

This is The Skin Issue – what is your biggest skincare secret?

Lasers and evidence-based dermatology (EBD) are the quickest way to improve skin health!

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