In the realm of beauty and fashion, a captivating trend known as “Latte Makeup” has taken the centre stage, curtosey  TikTok creator Rachel Rigler.

The concept of this trend can be best described as warm and bronzey, milky and effortless. Unlike bold and vibrant makeup styles, Latte Makeup opts for a more subdued approach, favouring minimalism and a natural look that complements all skin tones flawlessly.

Evoking the essence of a summer bronze, Latte Makeup has quickly captivated TikTok users with its goddess-like radiance. While the idea of a sculpted bronze look is not entirely new, prominent Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez  and Tyra Banks have long embraced this style, making it their go-to choice for red carpet events and public appearances during the 2000s.

How to acheive the Latte Makeup look

The focal point of Latte Makeup revolves around skillfully sculpting the complexion and accentuating the eyes with creamy contours and coffee-colored shimmers. The result is an artful blend of subtle yet striking elegance that leaves the rest of the face refined, with just a touch of highlight to enhance the overall sumptuous radiance.

To achieve this desirable look, the process involves buffing a small amount of luminous foundation into the skin, seamlessly blending it across the eyelids as well. The foundation acts as a radiant canvas, ideal for layering contour and highlighter products. Alternatively, a combination of tinted moisturizer and glow oil drops can be used to achieve a more understated, barely-there appearance.

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The key is to select bronzing products with subtle undertones that can be harmoniously blended with your concealer. This ensures that the makeup harmonizes beautifully with your skin tone without overpowering your natural features.

The next step involves sculpting the face with a cream contour or bronzing stick, strategically applied to the usual contour areas, such as the hollows of the cheeks, forehead, and bridge of the nose. Emphasizing a creative twist, the same contour product is delicately applied to the eyelids, extending it out to the temples, thus laying the groundwork for the eyeshadow.

Pick an autumnal palette when it comes to the eyeshadow and then work your lids for that perfect caramel latte look. For the final touches, go bold with your blush — ditch the pinks and reds for the ideal shade of brown or terecotta (closest to you skin tone) and top it up with a hint of glazing golden brown liquid highlighter for a smooth finish. Keep the lipstick strictly nude and you’re good to go.

Latte Makeup now stands alongside the likes of blueberry milk nails, and glazed donut skin and mermaidcore hair commanding a prominent position as one of the most significant trends of the summer.

Products to create TikTok’s newest viral beauty trend

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